My Bikini Abs & Booty Work-Out 2017

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Welcome back to my blog, and for the 1st timers, I hope to see you around, I got a lot in store for you this year. As for the first post in My 2017 on Fitness Friday Feature, which is a fitness post done every Friday of the week pertaining everything fitness, work-out & diets motivation, inspirations & what not so stay tuned for that and more…

Without further ado, lets jump right into it… as the title says, this is a post on my Bikini Abs & Booty Work-out, if you follow me on Snapchat or Twitter then you have already seen me posting my fitness journey and if you don’t follow me, like what are you doing? LOL add me here on snapchat and follow me here on twitter and Instagram to see my fitness life behind the scene…

I had a holiday weight gain, I don’t even know how that is freaking possible, but I did sadly and it’s because I was slouching on my work-out, I gained like 4 kg or 3.5 kg but my weight was 49 kg… which is a fun weight although most people are telling me 53 is not so bad, but I love the thrill of being on the edge, not a fifty side per see but not a forty either, it helps me watch my weight and here is what I intend to do…

1.0 Cardio

For cardio, on days that am not so frisky, I ride the stationary bike for about 20 mins which helps burn about 60 calories daily, and its about 1.5 KM and other days I run a distance from my house as far as my legs and lungs can take me, and in very few occasions I mix up the stationary bike and running together.

  • For those who do not know what cardio means, it’s simply any exercise that raises your heart rate…so the common ones are running or jogging.
  • This exercise tends to keep me fit and in the process lose a pound or two, which I don’t mind. I really enjoy this form of exercise, because I get to sweat a lot and in my head, that’s a form of tears from the fat accumulated in my body. I know I know… Ha!
  • Also, it’s a good morning wake up call, better than coffee if I say so myself, and if you do it in the evening, it’s a good way to relax after a days work.

My 10 Minutes Bikini Abs & Booty Work-Out Routine.

We don’t necessarily have winter and summer months in my country, but we have hot months, which is basically the same thing, and I have a feeling the cold months are subsiding which means the hot months are about to make an entrance,  correct me if am wrong, but this also means, the swimming season is here & you know am all about swimming and what better way than to slay them bikinis and flaunt your abs… come through honey…. Yaaaassss!!

I just started this routine hardly 3 days in, and I can totally see the difference, well I have also not done any curb or junk food so far, maybe that could also have a part to play but am seeing a change in my tummy region and amma stick to this routine and give you weekly update as we go, see below my day 1 and day 3 pictures for inspiration

Day 1

I used to only mix up crunches and sit-ups but that was not giving me the results I wanted and it was only recently where I came up with this new and improved Bikini Ab work-out routine, this is what I do and for only 10 minutes.

10 minutes may sound so easy but I kid you not. You will be cursing and swearing a bunch lot and this are going to be the hardest 10 minutes but super worth it, Okay maybe not the hardest but nothing worth-it is ever easy. I am already seeing results 3 days in. Here is what I do…

My ultimate bikini abs & Booty work-out routine Everyone.

  1. Leg Drops/ Leg Raise

This works on the lower muscles and the lower tummy pouch which is harder to get rid off, the key is to have your back flat at all times and if you feel it raising from the floor maybe don’t go far down, it’s all baby steps… and also don’t hold onto anything. One of the hardest in my opinion but super effective.

2. Flutter Kicks

This works on the lower abs and getting rid of the pouch and also it works on your quad muscles which is a great leg out. Do this for only 30 seconds, and alternate into the next.

3. Scissor Kicks

This are the final in the lower abs work out where you have those juicy looking V-line that lead down the wonder land, anyways as the giphy shows that’s how to do the scissor kicks, this is also done for 30 seconds and at all times your back should be flat on the ground to avoid malformations. if you hold to anything you may be doing pull-ups which will get you wider and broader shoulders and thats not sexy.

4. Mountain Climbers

Do them nice, well and controlled, your back shouldn’t be arched, it should be flat and neutral and your hands should be under your shoulders and squeeze them tummy muscles, you should be able to feel the burn, also known as ab formation.

5. V-Crunches

I have to tell you this, I practically fell about three times before getting the hang of this, this feels on another quad level, they are the seriously grown-up crunches and they burn, you might curse a bit at this one Ha!

6. Alternating Toe Touching

In the beginning its going to be harder to straighten up your legs, but again it depends on how flexible you are, always strive to reach for the toes and pull those  muscles while you are at it, for 30 seconds as well before alternating to another variation work-out.

7. Russian Twist

Start slow, but if you are feeling a little frisky, add some weight to make it even more complicated, because for some this may not be as complicated, but even without the weight the work-out does just fine in building your abs.

8. Plank (Front Hold)

I know the weights are a little extreme even for me Ha!

Once I heard about planks, it was like 2 years or 3 ago and I have actually seen Kevin Hart do this ever so often, and each time I used to think to myself, why would anyone do this, they looked bloody easy just staying there holding a position, well then I tried them, and they were one of the hardest, if done right of course, so the key is to have your back lifted to a flat position not arched like you’re doing push-ups and your elbows should be below your shoulders, squeeze the tummy muscles and hold a plank for 30 seconds, good luck.

9. Side Planks

A variation of the front hold planks, and this work out on the oblique muscles , if not taken care of builds up to form love handles and those are the worst on bikinis, so do them on the left and right side to create a balance. do each for 30 seconds.

10. Squats

Ain’t no booty work-out without then squats ladies, so depending on your capability there are a gazillion variation of booty challenges to do, so pick your choice, personally am doing 30 in the morning and 30 at night I cant get myself to do more after an hour of work-out but I intend to build to 100 squats a day, that is 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening.

If you manage to get to the 10 variation you would have completed a 5 minutes work out, then you repeat each of the work out for another 5 minutes, each work-out for 30 seconds and there you have it my Bikini Abs & Booty work-out.

Don’t forget to eat healthy, cut off the curbs and junk and drink plenty of water and have a banana daily, I promise you if you stick by this you will definitely see a difference in only a weeks time and imagine how you would look a week later after, then a month and in no time it becomes a lifestyle.

All the best if you manage to do them send me your picture for progress on any of my social medias listed below, I would love to see your progress.

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I will see you all next time, Till then, stay safe…





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