Bra-Blems: A Collaboration Post

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how is your Friday so far? Am having the TGIF effect and it couldn’t get any better for I had yet another opportunity to feature an amazing company ThirdLove based in San Francisco. It is an online retail that specializes with lingerie and also it focuses on helping women find a great bra that they will enjoy and carry them from day to-night with zero fuss. A good bra feels good and makes you feel even sexier and lets face it, getting a new bra and all that comes along with the fitting is not all that fun, but this amazing company Thirdlove have made it easier for you can now get your measurement on your smart phone, cool right? just click this link and get fitted away.


Well back to today’s topic where I will be discussing one of my favorite things in the world… Lingerie. allow me to pose a question to you guys, well ladies have you ever had an uncomfortable bra day? cause in all honesty I have and I will share my dish with you how I was able to overcome this. So as you know, it can be super frustrating having bra-blems. And I think all of us women can agree that these issues can make you want to rip off your bra the moment you walk in the door at the end of a long day!


So I hope you are sitting down for this post because trust me after this post you will not have any bra-blems hashtag you’re welcome Ha… I feel like a super hero right now, so below are some of my own bra problems and a fix that works,



The Fix: Tighten the Straps

Straps on our bras tend to stretch over time and that results to slipping bras which can be super uncomfortable and annoying especially with the sleeveless outfits, so my key is always buying a size lower or tightening the straps to get over the fuss.


The Fix: Better Fabric

An annoyingly uncomfortable bra has to be the most annoying thing ever! it can be caused by a number of reasons, a bra being too tight hence causing the boobs to rub one another and cause the discomfort. Get a bra with great fabric to avoid this discomfort.


The Fix: Double Padded Bra

well my big enemy, especially when you want to rock out a bit of cleavage and well dear sweet mother nature wont allow it so this is where a bra can be your best friend, and a double padded couldn’t ever go wrong.


The Fix: Get the right style and size

I hate this with every will in my body, this fitting complain is the very worst, where the wire underlying pokes forward instead of lying flat on the worst. the agony of this. so at one point I tried to change the size to fix it but that wasn’t all so helpful then I opted to change the style and size in general.


The Fix: Get the right size

Okay, this is not my actual problem because I will be dead before am caught up with a raised band, they look so untidy than anything but I have seen this with some girls who get a same size on purpose to get a boosted cleavage, so my idea is always get your exact size but with a different style to fix this up.


[pdf-embedder url=””]

I have added a PDF file  that will fix your brablems courtesy of thirdlove and here is a mental picture.








CpqkC9zXEAAZUWsTo be honest, I have an obsession with amazing lingerie and Thirdlove gives you that and more, they have a wide variety of lingerie with amazing colors and even better they have an amazing app that you can try out with a tank top to know your exact better and better yet they do international shipping and if that doesn’t help here is a code for a 15% off on all purchases use the code: BRABLEMS and while you are at it get a free shipping with a purchase over 75$. It doesn’t get any better than this ladies.



  1. August 15, 2016 / 11:00 pm

    Great post babe!!
    I think the number one issue us girls have with our bras is that we wear the wrong size more often than not, Great tips boo!!

    • August 15, 2016 / 11:01 pm

      I know right…. Thankyou So Much Love Bug ❤

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