Celebrating Friendship Day

Hello my Beautiful readers,

Happy Friendship day to all my sweethearts out there & thankyou for being my friends… I hope our friendship is forever. I still enjoy celebrating this day & to be honest it brings me so many memories as far back as high school is concerned. It was one of those non-official holidays that I always looked forward to celebrate the months & for some years and years of friendship.

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If you know me a bit to well, then you definitely know I enjoy meeting new people and making friends along this journey of life and God’s honest truth my life would be so much boring without the friends in my life, So Thankyou for adding charm in my life.


One thing is certain, Friends are Gifts, period…be it a Best Friend forever or a close friend, be it a work friend or the mutual friends that we share, tressure them and this post aims to do just that!!! So am sending virtual hugs to all my beautiful friends across the world… thankyou for being the best version of yourselves and I love each and every one of you endlessly & I pray for all of you…


So who is a Friend really?? In simple terms…


And what is friendship you ask? Well

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There has always been a contradiction on celebrating friendship day on one single day and yes, I do agree with that, it should be celebrated every single day but specifically the first sunday of August is the one day where we are allowed to go extravaganza and yes am on board for a day to spoil my friends with love and a cherry on top.


Well, moving on how to make this particular day special EXTRA SPECIAL?

How about sending e-cards to your friends and letting them know you are thinking of them. I will be sending my esteemed readers who have subscribe to my blog a personalised e card to thank them for their undivided love & support….


• You could also go overboard and spoil them an extra mile by buying them flowers, cakes or chocolate or friendship charm, and to add some fun and mystery do that anonymously.


•Rekindle old friendship by calling old friends, yes I said call… texting has a bit of an impersonal touch to it and while you are at it how about checking on the new friends alike…


• If you stay close to your friends, how does an idea of a sleepover sound to catch up on the ups & downs of life… how cool is that?


• A picnic sounds nice especially since it is open to all age groups.


• Better yet how about making a scrapbook or if you’re the digital kind a movie with all your friends in it as I have done to show love to your friends & have an emotional moment.


• This could also be a day for growth, squash the beefs and grudges with your old friends, you could use this day for growth, don’t make stupid misunderstandings rob off your happiness, I will start… I sure hope they see this lol.

•Even Better go out on a date or shopping spree with your buddies and have the most of it while making memories.


While we are at it, I have compiled some fun movies, that could be enjoyed by a group of friends… so grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy

Hangover (2009)

Friendship with comedy has to be one of the most popular combination.

Harry Porter series

Apart from all the magic & fight about the good versus evil, the is a focus on naïve friendship that one could enjoy.

The breakfast club (1985)

An oldie I know, it’s a great movie about people of different stereotype who meet in detention and they pour out…. no spoilers but one that you would enjoy

Toy Story (1995)

A cowboy doll is threatened and jealous when a new spaceman figure supplants him as a new toy figure in a boy’s room…

When Harry met Sally (1989)

Harry and sally have known each other for years, but they fear sex would ruin their friendship.

The Grown ups (2001)

– If I have to explain you the Adam Sandler’s classic then you need to be out finding new friends.. Ha! JK, one of my old-time favourites.

Lilo and Stitch (2002)

One of my favourites from Disney, if you are a fun of animation its a great choice trust me…

Project X (2012)

3 high schoolers throw a house party to make a name for themselves… a  fun party it was… until the night spirals out and things run out of control.

Ted (2012)

A man’s childhood wish of bringing a teddy bear to life comes to reality & go check it out lol.

There so many others that you and your friends could enjoy but I thought I could help on a clue, if you are totally blank with that being said, The Director & Creator of My life as Kymmiee, would love to wish you all a fun & happy friendship day once again…

I will talk to you all soon, till then Take care.


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  1. August 7, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    Love your Friendship day Post dear. Oh, this post is making me nostalgic specially the shopping spree thing, I am yearning it. 🙂 Happy Friendship day sweetie!!!

    • August 7, 2016 / 7:12 pm

      Shopping Sprees are everything!! Happy Friendship Day Sweety… Here Is to many More🍹

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