Celebrating New Years 2017

Celebrating New Years 2017

Hello My Beloveds,

Celebrating New Years 2017. Man where did time go? I still can’t believe its 2017! I truly hope when you read this, 2017 is already smiling  at your fine selves. Am so excited Celebrating New Years 2017 and I know it sounds cliché and everything. But I’m a sucker for new beginnings in the terms of new ages or years alike. I feel like a clean slate handled to you.

Celebrating New Years 2017

Upon Celebrating New Years 2017, May your Destiny shine on you.

With that being said, am working on a 2nd post about the whole “new years resolution” I think I would probably come up with a better tittle, stay tuned.

Celebrating New Years 2017

Having all the wishes, greetings and mush mush out-of-the-way, I thought I should just have a quick post on Celebrating New Years 2017 My way of course.

I was away for Christmas with my dad, a forced trip at that (sorry dad, LOL) a forced trip because I had already made my own Christmas plans with a bunch of my friends. Sadly I ended missing in action. Talking about 2016 having had so many L bombs, boy am I glad its over.

Celebrating New Years 2017

So my best friend, Sammy decided to surprise me for new year’s Eve and I couldn’t make it in time, so we had to push the whole idea up the next day. I ended spending new years with my dad and it was actually fun all things considered. He had ways to make it up to me, so its safe to say 2017 started well, so far.

Celebrating New Years 2017

I got back home from vacation with my dad around 9AM and I didn’t even settle in, I showered dressed up and head out after a whole day drive. Can you tell I was eager upon Celebrating New Years 2017. I had the energy to party the whole night, it so happens whenever my best friend is in town, it’s always a good time (Ha! I sang the last part )

Celebrating New Years 2017

Probably I should have slept and probably go see her tomorrow, but here is a thing, she had to leave the next day, because work happens. And being a grown up comes with so many responsibilities (Don’t grow up it’s a TRAP!) I was so psyched I wasn’t going to let a little leg lag stop me from Celebrating New Years 2017. It would take a little more than just a whole days trip.

Celebrating New Years 2017

I couldn’t imagine the amount of fun I had last night (the night of 1.1.2017). In all honesty I wished low-key I was with someone so dear to my Heart, P! but hey as they say, “if wishes were horses beggars would ride, right”, so my best friend was a close second and Celebrating New Years 2017 wouldn’t get any better than last night.

Celebrating New Years 2017

I met my best friend at Mount Meru for drinks, because it was way past dinner and I was stuffed already. She introduce me to an amazing beautiful soul, Shyila. Accompanied by her boyfriend, my best friend’s travel companion Corey and his other two guy friends and me. Celebrating New Years 2017 had just began.

Celebrating New Years 2017

We had a blast and I couldn’t believe having all that fun for many reasons, one being my city is pretty dull, two it was a freaking Sunday (excuse my French), and I guess I already learnt my very first lesson for 2017, “it’s not about where you are it’s really about who you are with and make the most of it.”Celebrating New Years 2017

We ended up clubbing on a Sunday, I know; who would have thought. Later we ended having so much barbecue and I was so close to heading back to Nairobi with them. That’s how lit my night was and I gotta say 2017 is impressing me so far and since 2016 wasn’t the very best of years, I plan to make 2017 the most of it. Stick around to find out more about my 2017 goals and more. Thank you for always believing in me, once again

Happy New Year 2017.

Celebrating New Years 2017 Outfit Detail:

New Year 2017

Cheater Print skirt – (Oh personal crafting it was actually a dress I modified it; Thrift – Nairobi)

Bralet – Mr Price, Junction Mall-Nairobi

Shoes – Steve Maiden

Clutch – Mom’s Closet

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  1. January 3, 2017 / 9:21 am

    Nice Sharing Look So Beautiful Ma’am
    Wish You Happy New Year 2017.
    Always Stay Happy.

    • January 3, 2017 / 1:41 pm

      Awww thankyou so much ❤️️ Happy New Years

  2. Sarita
    January 10, 2017 / 9:19 am

    Late to read this, ya’ll looked amazing😻😻

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