Dealing with Long Distance.

Hello My Beautiful readers,

So am still on the verge of challenging myself to write every single day this week, and so far so good… Day 3 and counting… I noticed I had based so much on my fashion & style category and neglecting other fields like the Fitness and lifestyle… the only reason is because Fashion & style happens to play a part on my everyday life…

How are you though? I don’t know why for the love of me I didn’t start with this sentence… Any way in todays Post I would love to do a focus on Life & Lifestyle but specifically the LOVE category and for the love of  me I don’t know why I havent done this sorta post in like forever… I Apologize with a cherry on top.

Long distance relationships have to be the hardest forms of relationships there is to date… but again its just my opinion… The whole idea of going weeks, months or for some tears without seeing your significant other be it work purposes, the military services to the country or even education.

It can really be a huge pill to swallow and I believe majority have experienced this and if you havent consider yourself lucky, but again every grey cloud has a silver lining or so they say… so it doesn’t have to be all bad after all, distance does make the heart founder.

Today’s post isn’t about the horror of long distance, because I believe it has all been said and done but rather my focus really is how to keep up with the constant uncertainty of the future and other external and internal factors alike… stick till the end I promise it will be worth your time.

Along the way I learnt a couple of lessons that I think could help smooth the bumpy road that you are could be in.



Yes I see you raising an eyebrow and I know it sounds so cliché but some lessons in life are the ones we already know. With tha being said I think its is important that you listen, write, laugh, fight and cry with your partner… let him know what is going through your head. With long distance relationships a bit of extra understanding goes a long way and it is always important to respect and understand your partners time and space alike. Find a balance of interaction and spice up the communication with surprises here & there. The goal is handling challenges as a team and growing closer through them.


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Dont make the distance define your feelings towards your partner. Just give it your best and work through it with him or her with love, faith & trust.

Remember distance doesn’t kill love, doubts do & Honey do your level best to choose love over distance. We are humans and sometimes we are not strong enough and in such weakness we let fear creep in but here is a good tip in such situations share your frustrations with your significant other… the what?, why?, where?, when? & how? Do matter.

Dont worry every relationship faces challenges and doubts & yes even the perfect ones but the key is how you do you solve the problems.


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How do you spend quality time when you are in a long distance relationship? Well we are lucky enough to live in this technological error where phone calls are getting cheaper by the minute, video calls are extremely popular so manipulate the means of communications and treat distance as  your friend and not an enemy… it goes a long way… beyond communicating… you don’t have to talk every second with your partner to stay in love… you are either in love or you are not (don’t hate me #TOUGH LOVE) but the point am trying to drive at is the moments you spend in conversation should be quality with a lot of laughter period.

I have learnt that physical distance does not equal emotional distance… what do I mean with this? Have you ever been with a person physically but yet far apart… this is because you are emotionally disconnected

This is just few of tips to help you along the way… Distance sucks but the key is not getting paralyzed by it. I hope you find happiness in your committed long distance and short distance alike. Let me know on the comments below what’s the biggest love challenge you hard and how did you overcome it.

Till tomorrow as I challenge to a full post each day this week. Stay safe.



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