Gym Motivation

Gym Motivation

Hello my beautiful readers,

welcome back to my blog.For the first timers or the newbies on the blog. A Fitness Friday is a blog series published every Friday by yours truly. Whose main focus is everything Gym Motivation, fitness motivation and inspiration for the week. Am hell crazy over fashion but in my plate, fitness and fashion go hand in hand. Feel free to disagree but hey its a one lady’s opinion. In my defense, I believe in the saying below, “If you work your Ass out then you will definitely feel good about yourself and Hey if you feel good you most definitely will look good. Its simple mathematics really.

As I had said last month was generally a month I wasn’t ready for and I hate to admit this but I literally didn’t work out the entire month and as of 3rd October this week I was back in the gym wagon Yay me! talk about Gym Motivation. Whats funny is all the people around me go like, “you haven’t even changed.” others are like, “gain a few more pounds” and this is chaired by my parents who always say am too skinny on a daily. But in the end am doing this for me and personally I feel that I have gained a couple of pounds and am not sure I want measure it up & feel guilty about it. Hence the back to the Gym Motivation post.

I know there is a vast majority out there who have quit out on gym and there another vast out there who want to start gym but AREN’T  that motivated. This post, Gym Motivation was mainly made for you. I hope you are motivated to work out in the end of the post. However, the key-note is  you should actually decide to make working out a lifestyle and not a chores. when you decide that, trust me you will be the happiest being and will be motivated to work the next day.

Establishing a Workout Routine:

Gym Motivation 00: Have Proper Work-Out Attire

These are the gym essentials that you need to have to make your entire gym work out a bliss. This include  sweat pants or tracksuits, a vest, t-shirt or summer top, sport shoes that are comfortable and not slippery, a water bottle, a towel, work-out gloves, a gym bag and a music player to give you company & Gym Motivation. I will try discuss this and their necessity as we go on.

Gym Motivation 01: Find Something That You Like to do

You are not going to be motivated if you do something that you do not like say running or skipping or worse lifting weights. I personally am not a huge fan of lifting weights and always remember not everything is for you. What you find comfortable may be super hard and annoying to someone else so pick your struggle and stick to it.

Gym Motivation 02: Keep Yourself Accountable

Always have a planner of your workout, and always make time to review it in order to check your progress,track of progress can keep you motivated and in order to feel super accountable set a target… setting a target can be super tricky, in order to set the target, first you should ask yourself the most easiest yet so complicated question, “Why in God would I join a Gym for?” simpler termswhy do you want to work-out?” then draw your target from there, it could be for fitness purposes, it could be for weight loss or weight gain it could be for training… and the list goes on…

Gym Motivation 03: Make Time for it.

This comes down to scheduling, with a schedule its easy to be consistent. Move around staffs in your calendar and make room for a work out routine. The time should work for you, but in my experience morning workouts seem to be more efficient. They last you a whole day than working after a whole long day at work and going to lift some more, so in a week how many days can you work out? This is the 1st question you need to ask yourself. Is it Monday through Sunday? or are you going to work-out twice or thrice a week? Afterwards how long is your work out routine? 10 mins an hour? find that and stick to it.

Gym Motivation 04: Start Small

We get it you are a gym newbie or you dodged out a couple of sessions or months but you can’t expect change on the first day of work out. The key is to start slow and work your progress as you go up. You should remember you need the body to perform other functions too, start with even a 15 minutes work out and build it up all the way to one hour. If you over-do your work out then you will burn out quickly have a sore body the next morning and then quit eventually.

Gym Motivation 05: Drink Plenty of Water

If I have to explain this to you ask yourself one easy question? are you even gym ready!! but hey, all jokes aside be in the habit of drinking lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. Personally since I was all so caught up in September I have officially cut out on soda, its my personal addiction and it ruined off my foundation. So I have made a personal challenge to avoid soda carbs the entire month of October and instead vowed to drink more water. Who is with me?

Gym Motivation 06: Create a Workout Playlist.

This will always keep you in the mood to work out and better yet keep you happy. After all workout is fun not a chores and why not dance a bit between the work out? after all life is too short to be that serious. Have fun as you work out.

I hope I have helped you out of your gym rut with the Gym Motivation. Trust me, I’ll be preaching to the choir. I have been there, done that and it’s not a good look, Trust me! As you do it always tell yourself its gonna be worth it in the end of it all and don’t quit, even after achieving your target. Keep raising the bar higher and higher. In  my advice never miss out a Monday workout & never go three days without working out.  As I sign out here are a few motivational quotes to keep you afloat,

  • – and once you see the results it becomes an addiction.
  • – you wont always love the workout but trust me you will love the results.
  • – any work-out is better than sitting in the couch
  • – you don’t get a great butt by sitting on yours

Keep hitting the gyms and I will talk to y’all next Friday in the Fitness Friday series. Lets chat and catch up on all my socials linked below. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. Be a part of my little Facebook Family. For collaborations, comment, concerns or simply chat, E-mail me here Don’t forget to comment, like subscribe on the Blog and my YouTube channel. Till then Stay safe till next time. till then


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