How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Hello my Beautiful readers,

Lets touch point on How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe. The ones that all bloggers, YouTube Personality, and celebrity stylists happen to have. Am talking about the Pinterest and Tumblr inspired Perfect Wardrobes. I have always wondered, how they seem to have got it all together and own such  perfect wardrobes. The first thought that came to mind was, DUUH! they have a couple of millions to spend on clothes dummy! That’s got to be the It reason. Well wrong, partially of course. Yes money can make a huge difference,  but again money only gets you the latest and the best trends. You already knew that didn’t you? But hey Style is what you make of it and that’s my focus. Well today we are discussing How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe, without breaking a bank. Basically we will be working with what you already have and work our way up. If you follow all this steps trust me you will have your own little Perfect Capsule Wardrobe in no time. You can thank me later honestly but without further do let’s get right into it.

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule WardrobeHow to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe : Definition

I bet you are wondering what the hell’s a Capsule Wardrobe anyways? Don’t worry there is a point in time I too didn’t know the definition, but for simpler terms of words. A Perfect Capsule Wardrobe is a minimalistic wardrobe that consist of a pre-determined amount of key pieces and Variables pieces. Both types are interchangeable and form basic outfit pieces for all occasions and weather conditions.

Ever heard about the less is more concept, because that’s what we are going to work with. The key isn’t having an overflowing wardrobe but rather a wardrobe that serves the major four purpose. Any wardrobe should have variety, quality, function and form. Before we begin , always have this in the back of your mind, Not everything was made for you and you don’t need to own everything in the wardrobe. And for this you are going to have to set boundaries, and have a color wheel that you are going to work around it. As for me, Minimalistic neutral tones are the way to go. Others have a full on black wardrobe, black and white, and some rainbows. Pick your poison and let’s do this.

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: Self Reflect

If you are still reading this then you are in the first stage to transform your wardrobe, which is acceptance and eagerness for change. Have you ever looked at your over flowing wardrobe and think I have nothing to wear, because same. I only recently discovered the remedy to that. Having an over stuffed  and under worn garments is an epidemic that every girl or female goes through in life. Some conquer it, and some just stay stuck with it. lucky for you, I am going to walk you through it and help you on How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe. Fun fact is most women wear 20% of their clothes. Fun example I apparently owned 56 jeans in my closet I know, only 25 fitted me right and out of that only 6 were worn on a daily. See where am going with this?

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

After discovering my personal style, all became way simpler. if you haven’t discovered yours, I have created a style segment series to help you discover it over here. Knowing your personal style is the main ingredient on How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe. Because how would you know what to keep and what not to  if you don’t even know what you need. Do you catch my flow?

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: De-Cluttering

This is where the fun part starts. Take everything you own and set it up on the bed or floor, depending on your workspace. Go to the airport get a one-way ticket and fly away because here is where the work begins Ha! This step comes after you have discovered your personal style, linked above and have all clean laundry. The next sub step is to declutter, in order to be successful here, you need to be ruthless. It goes back to basics really, know your style, know your color pattern and set limits for yourself.

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe, I found it simpler to divide the clothes into smaller piles. Rather than that ugly colorful mess I have on the bed. Look at all the multi-color clothing piled up. *cries on the inside* Don’t worry I worked my way up and so will you. The piles will include, Love it, Maybes, No, Seasonal, and formal fittings. After that toss away the No pile, try out the maybes pile if they don’t fit toss them away and the yes pile toss away the ones not worn under 3 months. If you haven’t worn it in a while chances are you will never do. Toss off the ones that are great but don’t fit your color pattern, the ones that are great but out of style, the ones that you hold just because they have a sentimental value but you never wear. *sorry grandma I just can’t with them knitted sweaters*

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: Organizing

The load must have gone lower in a considerable amount at this point, mine went to about less than half, and mind you this is my second declutter. The next step at this point will be organizing the remaining pile into specifics. Example: shorts, pants, skirts, dress the sort. I went a little extra and tried them all on to make sure what remained behind really served its purpose. After wards Pack up the tossed outfit and get rid of them as soon as possible. You could do a donation, take them to a thrift store and the ones beyond repair throw them away. This is a necessary step, in order to avoid fishing them out later and ruining all the hard work.

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: Rebuilding

If you make it this far, first of all congratulations, you are a step away from your dream capsule wardrobe. This is the easy step, all the leg work is officially done. You just need a little creativity and personal touch for this next step. First things first, make sure you have matching hangers, this is the one thing all perfect capsule wardrobes have in common. I went with an open wardrobe, the common way to display your outfits. if you followed all the steps it will look beautiful and coordinated. Hung all your clothes, am talking about tops, shirts, sweaters, and dresses and coordinate them by color and size, to give it edge and texture. Fold the trousers, chunkier pieces that look out-of-place.

For lingerie, organize them into compartments so that they are easier to locate and not in one messy stacked up draw. The same applies for socks, handkerchief and swim suits.

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: Personalizing

You are almost at the end, Personalizing and decoration of your dream closet. This is where you add bits and bobs to your wardrobe in order for it to stand out. there a number of ways to achieve this. However since we aim for that Pinterest inspired wardrobe the following are key pieces. Color coordinated clothes hanging on matching hangers. A clean floor space, a carpet or rug for that matter. you could go a little extra with a fur throw on, statement designer handbag (favorite handbag) aesthetically on the floor. Statement Shoes, hats, shoe boxes  or wall art and lights to jazz up space. Without forgetting a full on length mirror. Voila, that’s How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe or a Pinterest inspired wardrobe. Don’t forget to tag me when you recreate your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr all my social are @Misskymmiee

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

How to Achieve a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe





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