How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

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Lets touch base on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. We all have few style icons or individuals in our lives that we always look and aspire their style game. Don’t we? Well, the Problem comes to the fact that in most cases these individuals are celebrities, TV and YouTube personalities alongside the amazing style & fashion bloggers, just to mention but a few. Even if you had a few backs to spare, its crazy and exhausting. Not to mention expensive keeping up  their style game. Here is something that you need to know. Some of these personalities and yes, your favorite celebrities included are paid to dress in particular brands and some get them as PR packages. I didn’t know this was a thing, no, not the “How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget” am talking about the PR packages, until I was recently contacted to do a brand review and in turn received free clothes.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Be Choosy when it comes to Trends

So the big question is Kymmiee, what is the juice on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. I always respond with, Make the most of what you have got. Yap! its back to Basics people. If there is anything you should leave with out of this post, it should be Never Ever Fall for trends. Be choosy when it comes to trends. I buy into trends, yes Guilty but the key is not letting your style revolve around trends. I have talked into details about finding personal style. It’s a process yes, but once you truly discover yourself, it becomes second nature. In most cases you wont need to jump on every trend wagon.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

For all you know that trend is not even in your style radar. The worst part about trends, is in the definition itself. A swift change in the general direction or “the IT thing of the moment”. If you fall for trends, you will always feed into the pressure of the society. Break the bank doing it, and when you think you have figured it all out. Trends do what they do best, They change. Ha! I Think a good example were the chockers 2016 era, where are all the chockers now?

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: De-Clutter

In a summary, make sure you own what you wear. The 80-20 rule should be on reverse. If you do not know this rule, in the simplest word, it means, you basically wear 20% of your wardrobe while the rest are wardrobe fillers. This wont help u achieve your target on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. I urge you to undergo a de-cluttering process and work your way up. If you need a had on how to achieve the perfect wardrobe capsule that you will droll over. I suggest you pause this post and go read it. This is a step by step process, if you skip knowing your personal style, then you may not know what to keep and what to trash in your wardrobe. De-cluttering is one of the hardest but yet so full-filling process.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Back to Basic wardrobe staples

This is the one trend that has survived the test of time. Its the main answer on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. Basic is in the word budget, not literally but you get the point. But since we are aiming for more than a basic look, you need to play around with your basics. I have a post on fashion tips and tricks that has helped me over the years. and in the coming week I will do a video to fully explain this, words just don’t seem fit. Be on the look out on my YouTube channel. I am talking the basic pieces that have always been there, and I think they form the base of any functional wardrobe. the basic tee, black and blue jeans, a leather jacket. you know the sort. Do check out Shirley’s Basic Wardrobe Staples to get more guideline.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget


How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Wear Neutrals

In my personal opinion, neutrals are just chic and stylish. There I said it. If you are all good on the above points on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. Then the next thing you need to do is invest in neutrals. They save a number of advantages. Plus you can style them up or down and you can wear them countless times without people ever finding out it’s actually the same piece. #Protip. It’s no brainer really, if I was wearing a bright mustard yellow top, just because its spring season and its the IT color of the moment, I promise you I wouldn’t be able to wear it for a long time let alone post it over and over on social media.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Accessorize

If you are still doubting the power of accessorizing Well you are about to become a believer. Do you see how gorgeous I look in this Tumblr baddies’ inspired outfit? I bet you didn’t even notice that I am wearing Basics, yap all i did was accessorize. I am wearing my everyday washed out jeans (the rips are due to too many wear that I rolled it into my personal style) with my long sleeve body-con top, ( you can always trade it for a white tee). Alone it will look so plain and super basic, but throw in some ankle boots into the mix, some glasses and a back pack. From basic to Fab in less than a min.

Like I said in the beginning this is a step by step blog-tutorial on How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. If you don’t look stylish in the end of this blog, well that will be so disappointing. The beauty about this particular post is that it works with all body types, age and skin tone. You can call me Tyra banks because am about to make you the next top model.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget


How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Invest

I know I know, the title of the blog is f there is How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget. But am talking on accessorizing People. I feel this particular point deserves its on highlighted heading. If there is  anything you should be investing, it should be accessories. This can be worn a million and one times and if chosen well save you a life time. I am talking about a great leather jacket, you only need one good leather jacket really, some great black boots that showcase your style, a show-stopper handbag a blazer among others. This tips can be used on how style a day-to-night outfit I did previously.

Take me for an example, My outfit is definitely under 10$ but a good investment in the ankle boots about 25$ and backpack around 35$ makes me look oh, so put together. Funny how my Backpack is the most expensive item and a Keynote: I combined step 3, 5 and 6 to achieve my Tumblr baddies’ inspired outfit.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Have Fun

No outfit in the world would look good if you look like you are trying so hard and not comfortable in your skin. Take a deep breath, have fun and always smile. Its the one accessory that is surely dazzling. Till next time, stay tuned for more insights on everything fashion & Style, Beauty Hacks, fitness and Diet. I will also be posting a fun street style look book on my YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribe.

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget


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How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget: Outfit Details

How To Always Look Stylish on a Budget

Ripped Skinny Jeans – Adams, Nairobi

White Long-sleeve Bodysuit- Boutique in Arusha, High- Cut Details by Me

Beige Peep Toe Ankle Boots- Studio London See also Neutral Fashion

Sunglasses: Present

Back Pack: Celine

Chunk Necklace and Rings: MRP, Galleria Mall



  1. rhoda
    June 10, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    …Once you trully discover yourself, it becomes a second nature.
    Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl, you amazes me in ways i can not even explain, yaaas, facts babe, we mostly don’t know what suits us so we keep changing from this to that and run to every trend that comes our way but still never feel good about the looks we come out with or even feel unsecured at some point, but THE THING is here, discovering yourself!!
    That phrase, is just like the root, i meeeaaan, it carries almost all this concept about style.
    You gotta be Stylist someday yoh, that passion, bless up girl, its just the beggining.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful self.🙌

    • June 10, 2017 / 3:55 pm

      Rhoda honey bunch… thank you sooo much for taking your time and girrrrl u get me. More life and more creativity 🌸

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