How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

Hey Beautiful People,

How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather. Am I the only one who is stuck on this? I surly hope not. Have you ever experienced this weather? it rains cats and dogs and it’s so cold outside that you may think hells freezing over. Well it so happens to be the current weather condition in my city. Dang it right. All you truly wish in such situation is to snooze the alarm, better yet burn it completely. Snuggle the blanket some more and pray for someone to get you breakfast and coffee in bed. So that you can never leave your bed till when the sun decides to grace you with its appearance again. I know I know, you are not the only one Been there, been wishing that. SMH! This kind of weather as been going on for a month or so and don’t get me wrong, I said it before on this post here, and I will say it again, I love cold weather but this is just a tad too much.

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

I miss the sun terribly. Unfortunately with life throwing all forms of responsibilities on your face. It is next to impossible to have the luxury of staying in bed all day. If only wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The big question however is, How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather? Because when its cold outside and the crazy rain (our idea of winter session I might add) the urge of showing to work or running errands rolled in a blanket is a little tempting. For all my fashion lovers out there, am sure you can relate to this. The gap between staying stylish and looking homeless in such climate is really narrow. The key to mastering How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather is always a balance and proportion at the end of the day.

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather: Layering!

The best part in such climate, is that you are sure it is going to be cold the whole day and that you can layer as much without having to unload come mid day. Here is what you need when it comes to mastering How to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather. One word Layering! The focus here is to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather and keeping warm. When I said balance and proportion earlier, I was referring to this. One should not surpass the other if you aim to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather. If it happens that you layer too much, then you risk looking like a potato from hell. A warm potato at that. If you layer less or not at all, you will look all forms of stylish but freeze to death (okay maybe not freeze to death but you get the point however)

Lets touch base on how to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather, staying warm and serving all forms of hotness. first things first what in the fashion world is layering? Don’t worry little Timmy, Layering is all about pairing different kinds of clothes together, to create one cozy, bundled up, thrown-together look. That seems super effortless and really stylish. In theory it means, adding a cardigan over a tank top, then a coat or a dress then a jacket and scarf. See Effortless. You don’t have to have a whole new wardrobe to get the look you can pair up and layer you day-to-day  outfits. Example where stockings under shorts paired with boots to get that stylish winter look. See what I did there Shorts are a summer essential but adding up stockings underneath and boots instantly gave you the winter ready attire without trying so hard.

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather: Accessorizing!

Now that you get the general idea behind Layering. Lets discuss the icing to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather. One word, Accessorizing! No one outfit in the world is complete without this bad boy. Accessorizing however can be very trick. The right accessories can make your outfit stand out, regardless of how basic or boring it may be and or at the same time, the wrong accessory can break your outfit, regardless of how posh and elegant an outfit may be. During cold weather, I think the key is going back to basic.

I mean think about it you already have a lot going on (a pull neck, a cardigan, a trench coat and boots) adding a scarf as an accessory seems tempting but it will leave you looking tacky, because you already have a pull neck going sweetie! So replace the scarf with a cute mitten or the pull neck with a chunky scarf and a basic long sleeve polo shirt. In my personal experience, and giving the weather at hand. To Stay Stylish During Cold Weather the following make it to my outfit check list. A show stopper  handbag, a trench coat (or any form of external coat you may prefer), and some good old boots. Yap! dust those boots up baby we are about to replace them stilettos.

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather

The cold weather can be bad but its worse when it is raining. Rain doesn’t play well with expensive shoes but boots on the other hand were made for this weather. This is always my go to winter accessories. The beauty is that you only need one great stylish coat, a pair of boots and an everyday stylish bag. This do take you a long way. Try to invest in them and you have attires for life. It is better to have a few statement accessories than a million cheap and tacky ones. Which may end up breaking your entire outfit and lead to recurring purchases.

With that being said, it concludes my Stay Stylish During Cold Weather post. I hope I have helped educate someone along the way. Minus the show stopper handbag the same form can be applied to guys. When they want to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather without looking like , they tried too hard. In other note thank you for all the love you showed me on my new YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it yet check it here, I post new videos every Sunday. I appreciate each view, comment and subscription.

In conclusion let me know how you enjoy your days especially in this cold season. What tips do you use to Stay Stylish During Cold Weather. Lets chat and catch up on all my socials linked below. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. Be a part of my little Facebook Family. For collaborations E-mail me here Till then Stay safe & I will talk to you soon on my next article.

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather : Outfit Details

Trench Coat: Select

Little Red Riding Boots (Ha): Tanco

Stockings: Random Boutique

Socks: Mr. Price- Nairobi

Stay Stylish During Cold Weather




  1. June 5, 2017 / 1:37 am

    Nothing suits me better on a cold and windy day, than a warm bed and a hot tea – that’s how I stay stylish. (Unless I have to go to work – A trenchoat would suffice me)

    • June 6, 2017 / 11:07 am

      A bed is always my first Style staple piece as well, but I can’t have the luxury 😂

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