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First I would like to wish my Muslim readers and others in general a wonderful & Blessed Eid Mubarak and my you all have the best one yet. I have recently been travelling a ton for both school and pleasure and am hoping to travel even more for business as am yet to take a new step in my life, I always look for comfy and cute when traveling and especially lately where I have been travelling solo more than I would have loved, and one of the biggest challenges of travelling solo is the parking and booking a ticket.

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Personally I enjoy solo trips from time to time and I get to have my personal time to think and relax in my own bubble but don’t get me twisted am also a sucker for group road trips to new exotic places…but that only helps me appreciate the solo trips even more… I have noticed every time I think of parking and travel, there certain items that come to mind and it has now became my staple to-go-to.

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It can be really tempting to throw your oldest sweats and your biggest t-shirt as you head for a travel especially solo trust me I know and I have been tempted more than I would have loved to admit, but the biggest challenge that I face is what if I meet up with someone who knows me, how would I explain myself Ha!! so unfortunately I can’t do that and instead I try to look effortlessly stylish without trying so much. but for whatever reasons that you decide, DONT EVER FORGET YOUR SUNNIES!! yes I capped that up Haha!


I have been experiencing the coldest month through out the entire June but somehow July came with a new look the weather has been warming up and alas! what a time for me to travel, it was a warm Monday,18 degrees to be exact, warmer than the usual 13 degrees I have had to endure, and I decided to travel to surprise my boyfriend for our 2nd year anniversary…but thats a story am yet to tell…

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I have always sucked at parking and that has costed me a big deal, I really do envy the light parkers, if that’s even a name… I just always end up assuming I will need that particular thing in the long run, as I mentally say…. Bag it!! I mean why not … but even in the mental struggle,  I never ever leave behind this babies for a reason I can’t comprehend….

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My Travel Check List courtesy of this amazing blog


These week on steal my style series, I dressed a gym leggings with a white sweatshirt paired with white sandals, I accessorize minimally with a long gold chain and sunnies to get that cool aid back style and a maroon handbag for my carry ons…. see below for outfit details… photographs courtesy of my sweet mother.

Stay safe till my next Article.



Army green leggings- Random Shop in Arusha

 White sweatshirt- Thrift

Puma sandals -Random shop in Arusha

Watch- MK

Sunnies- Randoms in Nairobi

hair- Short Weaves



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