New Year’s Resolution & Ideas- 2017

Hello Beautiful,

How are you doing, excited to have my 2nd post of the year, how aesthetic is it though?, I started with a New years celebration post, low-key saying goodbye to the holidays and this 2nd post Slash the back to business post will be basically a chit-chat or a motivational post or if you would like, call them goals for 2017 and why it is necessary to have them…

This post will  mainly focus on my personal new years resolution and ideas that you could also use. I know it’s a bit cliché, but bear in mind it could get worse, more like “new year, new me sorta post Ha!” I personally hate those type of posts TBH… Anyways so a new year is upon us, a clean slate, the clock has just struck 0 and you have about 365 days upon you. As we are in just day 4 of 365 so make the most of it, be who you got to be, push yourself to the limit and see your dreams come true…

Well resolutions aren’t everyone’s thing to do but I promise you if you set your goals and come the end of the year and see how far you have accomplished, it will all be all worth it Best Believe. If you do not know how to set goals or any clue on how to go about it, I will soon have a post on it, detailing how to set them and most importantly why it is necessary…

So without further ado My New Years Resolutions-2017 and ideas I hope I can motivate you with one or ten of them…

  1. Eating More Healthier. 

Notice how i did n’t say Diet? talking more about getting rid of curbs, and junk foods… this has to be the first on my list because am a sucker for everything junk… I know it wont be easy but I hope to stay committed and reduce my consumption as the days go… starting of my list would be replacing Sodas with water and it has been going on since like back in December and I intend to continue…

2. Work Out Routine

This wouldn’t be a resolution if the two weren’t on the very top of my list…. I have been working out, from time to time but I intend to create a fixed work out routine which I will be sharing on my upcoming post; Fitness Friday Feature, stay tuned.

3. Have a Bed Time Routine

This hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me but I intend to change it up and train my body to have a specific bedtime schedule say between 10-11 AM and wake up around 7 PM. I hope I get to stick to this, because if I ever make it to the Game of Thrones I would totally fit in with the night watchers.. if you know what I mean Ha!

4. Find a good in everyday

I actually had this from a you-tuber- Rachelleea, during my past time, where she says everyday no matter how horrible your day may have seemed, find one positive thing and write it down on a piece of paper and store it in a box, read them on days you feel so low to boost your mood, so I think I will totally give this a try.

5. Learn Something New.

I will probably be learning at least two things. One is already in play, learning a new language… I opted to learn French and I hope at the end of the year I will be as fluent as I can ever be or so they say… I might take a cooking class I guess along the way…

6. Get My Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD)

This goes without saying, after I get my PhD I think I will have reached my self actualization point, it being the last stage in the pyramid or Marslow’s hierarchy of needs… Dr Kymmiee it sounds nice already. I guess my title should have said enroll for PhD studies.

7. Learn to be Honest.

Am not saying am not honest LOL, am just trying to have more of an honesty lifestyle, honesty to myself most importantly and the ones close to me.

8. Love Myself 

I am my number one biggest fan, am not trying to be a narcissist but am trying to love myself more, in the sense that, having the will to change the things that I can and letting go and accepting the things that I cant, and ever so often congratulate myself for all the minor and major achievements along the way.

9. Read More books & Listen to Podcast and audio Books.

On the 31st of December, I knew I had to have this on my resolution board, as I bought about 7 novels and downloaded about 6 audio books, I intend to get more along the way and hopefully my reading and listening stash will have increased come the end of the year.

10. Get a Planner

One habit from the end of last year that I vow to keep is keeping a planner. Planning and having a to-do-list like all the freaking time (excuse my french) is a total must. I tend to accomplish more having seeing them on paper or the reminders on my iPhone calendar and nothing brings me more joy than cancelling them off at the end of a days work.

11. Listen More, Talk Less

This is a horrible habit I need to break, it is so common to the most talkative people like myself, if I do say so… I need to listen more and become less argumentative, something am guilty of. Sorry not sorry am trying to fix this :p

12. Body Pampering Routine and Stick to it

I will have a post on this in the coming week, in minor details, this will in tail the monthly Waxing appointment on the exact day each month, the pedicures twice each week, the weekly deep facial pamper and a daily facial routine, morning and evening.

13. Define Your Personal Style.

If you are new to my blog I wrote three blog post on finding personal style as seen here, here & here check them out if defining personal style is something you struggle with, I already found mine so I will be shopping around that, rather than my usual impulse buying habit.

14. Monthly Reflect

Each month reflect how far you have come with the resolution and where you failed see what you can do to fix that, and congratulate yourself on each step along the way.

15. Financial Buffer.

Plan to save a certain amount of money each year, set a goal of how much you need to have at the end of the year and divide it by the 52 weeks and then you will know how much it is u need to save and how easy it will be to achieve the set target.

16. Drink a lot of Water.

If I have to convince you with this? have been living under a cave… but seriously, drink more water and minding your business should be a daily habit.

17. Stay Busy

it’s very therapeutic, don’t act busy but stay busy, find something to do, and stick to it, engage in your hobbies, and try to stay busy and get to know yourself in the process, you are welcome. For me its Blogging and I am working on getting a camera and get my YouTube channel going.

18. Make New Friends

This has already been in play and I managed to score about 5 friends on new years one who we are constantly keeping in touch, so I feel like I am already accomplishing my resolution, one step at a time

19. Get My Blog To the Next Level

I will be taking a lot of collaboration, than the ones I have been brushing off, get a camera and a new laptop and have fun while strictly sticking on the schedule.

20. Letting Go of the past & Staying Low Key.

So there you have it gents and ladies hope you find some inspiration or ideas you are willing to try. As always I truly appreciate the support and I hope to see more of you 2017 is going to be the it Year…

Stay Safe and I’ll see you all soon


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