Night out with my Girls

Hello my Beautiful Readers,

Welcome back to my Blog. How have you all been since we last spoke? well I have been super and I thought I should check down with you over what has been going on with you guys, feels like we haven’t had our moments in for eves!!…. Well for the ones who follow me on snapchat, (well if you don’t it’s not too late add me here.) happen to know i had a fab night with my girlfriends forever. I am having a fun get-away at my friends and I couldn’t be any more happier… so I had a girls night over this weekend and for some reason I don’t know why it took us this long to have a night out in the city but I guess this was worth the wait.



Well there is nothing more fun than a time spent among friends be it, in doors with the girls sipping on some chilled wine or out screaming our lungs out. what started as a lazy indoor with the girls turned out to a major night fun before we all knew everything changed and one thing led to another and before mid night we had club hopped into like 3 different clubs and it is safe to say I have the most amazing friends and its never a dull moment with this beauties.

Well here is a fun tip to have one of the most remarkable nights EVER!!

  1. Invite the girls, not just any girls, the ones you kicking in and who will make the night special, leave out any person with spoiler vibes, no negative energy needed. if one of you is driving they shouldn’t drink.
  2. Get pretty, we know how girls get ready time can be so, to avoid rush hour get ready earlier, so you can have time to relax and catch up.
  3. Get some outfit that will empower your beauty inside out, we all know confidence is the sexiest outfit.
  4. Have something to eat, its best not to head out on an empty stomach.
  5. Remember the important details to tag alone, your identity card, money and credit card for emergency.
  6. Tell someone you are heading out & where you will be, in case of anything
  7. Have the best of it, life is short.

So there you have it my tipsy bits of having an amazing night out… here are few pictures and videos from my fun night out… hope you all have a fabulous sunday and a great week ahead. let me know in the comments below how you spend a girls night, I will talk to you all soon.











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