The SammyDress Review

The SammyDress Review

Hello My Beautiful Reader,

It’s the weekend already!! And yes I am excited, who wouldn’t be I have an a fun post to share with you, grab a cup of Coffee or tea whatever you fancy and enjoy The SammyDress Review

The SammyDress Review

First & far most, I would really love to send a big thankyou with a cherry on top to all my esteemed readers for your constant views, Shares, feedbacks and better yet the love you have had for me my blog & YouTube Channel. Because of you I get to strike amazing opportunities to do the SammyDress Review that am about to tell in a second. The take away here is don’t ever doubt yourself and always work hard for what you believe. Trust me it will pay of eventually, it only needs hard work & commitment.

The SammyDress Review

I will be doing The SammyDress Review, which am really excited about it. I was recently contacted by the amazing Smile; from about a collaboration with their company. Yes, I took the first chance on the collaboration, you would if they contacted you, TRUST ME!!The SammyDress Review

Sammydress’ is a leading online Global fashion retail company that deals with the latest Women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, fashion jewelery, intimate lingerie, synthetic & human wigs, bags. In addition they also have men’s clothing, kids section as well, and to top it all they have home decor and lifestyle products…

The SammyDress Review

So in our collaboration I was also given a chance to have a sample haul for The SammyDress Review and trust me when I say there was a lot to choose from and everything is extremely to die for. Don’t just take my word for it, check their wonderful site to see that and more… Below is a list of goodies I sampled for my SammyDress Review  Enjoy!

The SammyDress Review: Jacket & Coat Department

Double-breasted Slit Epaulets Asymmetrical Hem Cotton Solid Color Coat For Women.

The SammyDress Review

This baby right here comes in black, blue & Green. In size M, L & XL and in addition this beauty goes for £ 3.79 can you believe this. I got mine in Black Medium size. I can already imagine the number of ways I can style this bad boy. what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get better than this. However after receiving it i noticed a medium is a size smaller so when you do actually order go a size bigger and it is not as heavy as it looks, feels more of a sweater than a jacket in my honest opinion.

The SammyDress Review: Sweatshirts & Hoodies Department:

Casual Scoop Collar Long Sleeve Letter Pattern Loose-Fitting Sweatshirt For Women.

The SammyDress Review

I can’t with this Gorgeous shirt already. The, “I woke up like this” just gives it the edge it needs to help one stand out and it is in one of my favorite neutrals, white which was a hard choice for me having to pick between black & white… and the sizes range from a small to extra-large and the affordable price of £3.66. Mine was in Medium.

The SammyDress Review: Dresses 2016 Department:

Women’s Stylish Tight Pure Color Dress

The SammyDress Review

One word for this dress, DIVINE!! I can’t have enough of this dress probably my 2nd best buy from sammydress’… I love everything about this dress, from the chic design, the color to its fun size and better yet its affordability, £5.64 can you believe that. The specification of this dress comes only in one color unfortunately, but this nude-light coffee is trendy so no loss there. It comes on S, M & L size. I picked medium, after a mental struggle between a medium and a size smaller.

The SammyDress Review: Summer Dresses Department

Simple Design Sexy Spaghetti Strap Summer Dresses For Women

The SammyDress Review

The little white dress with spaghetti stripes. can I get a yaay anyone? Summer 16 is still the talk of the town and why not turn heads with this simple yet so elegant little white dress “LWD” at an affordable price of £4.80 and if white is not your cup of tea don’t worry you can get this in black & blue as well. The catch is only that it comes in a single size. It was stretchy and a perfect fit for me.

The SammyDress Review: sweatshirts & Hoodies Department

Stylish Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Zipper Design Sweatshirt For Women

The SammyDress Review

I can hardly find crispy whites when I shop. It’s one of my favorite colors as you know. And if you didn’t now you are on the know. I was browsing through I jumped with excitement having seeing this bad boy. It’s a fun piece to have as one may style it up or down with little to none constriction, it being plain & crispy white has a lot to do with that. There is only this color,white but the size range from S to XL and it is sold at a price of £6.85. It is one of those athleisure pieces which is a trend currently. Mixing staple pieces with athleisure to get comfort and style paired up.

The SammyDress Review: Jackets & Coats Department:

Stylish Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Zippered Leather Trim Jacket For Women


They say save the best for last & I did just that. Can I scream because this has to be my best buy to-date. Most noteworthy, I still couldn’t believe the price when I read it £10.19 has to be the best price out there with fact that its one of those pieces that can push you a life time. It was tough choosing this particular item because it came in all the colors you would love to have; light khaki, army green, purplish-blue & black. I have never been one to buy an exact piece in variety of colors till when I saw this baby & I promise to make an exception. It comes in S, M, L & XL. Don’t get me started on the fit. In Conclusion I may go on forever but one word is, Spectacular.

Concluding The SammyDress Review:

And the best part about this company in general is their entire system of operation. I have to say one of the most user-friendly interface and the icing of it all is they do world-wide shipping. Hence you can have both normal shipping and express shipping, the choice is yours really. If that doesn’t get your attention, sammydress stands out from the many fashion retailers for its exquisite customer care where you can have 24 hour live chat incase you need assistance of which you will rarely need. Trust me it is a deal of a life time, why are you still here… Head to and enjoy your Haul.

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I will talk to you all soon enough, Stay safe Till my next article.




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    Congratulations sweetie 🎉 !! Those products look magnificent. ❤
    Great Review !!

    • August 5, 2016 / 6:40 pm

      Thankyou sooo much Sweety, I feel so proud my second collaboration, we should totally collaborate whenever you are ready ❤

      • August 5, 2016 / 11:49 pm

        You are welcome sweetie !! sure, I am ready whenever you are ready, Just tell me when? 🙂 Happy weekend to you. xx

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            I just replied. Please check dear !!! xx

  3. Zulu Obanor
    August 6, 2016 / 10:47 am

    That peach-nude body con dress is to die for! Way to go

    • August 6, 2016 / 11:12 am are the best!! & their prices are to die❤ thankyou for stopping by… do me a fav, stick around

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