Spend a Sunday with Me…

Hello My Beautiful Readers,

It’s yet another Sunday, and you have a whole day stretch in front of you, and if you are anything like me, most of your friends are far or worse busy, and it is not a festival season so clearly there is nothing exciting happening on the day…


You’ve miraculously done all your chores, even the work you brought home to tackle over the weekend. You have called your mum and you have checked on your grandma, and being a religious person, you already attended an early mass or you were too lazy and slept this one-off (guilty)…


Do not despair, I can share with you some insights or personal Fave on how to have a great Sunday, with or without friends, boyfriend and money…. (more or less that is)… Here is what you can do to turn a boring Sunday routine into a bearable or even better fun Sunday….at least this is my way of doing it…



Can you read my excitement with this one? because I am tots excited, here is the beauty you don’t have to go all in or splurge on the brunch (but if you can it’s also a fun way to spend a Sunday alone) and if you can’t splurge how about making one for yourself and enjoy it outdoor with a fresh breath of air and some sunlight…grab yourself a cup of coffee, some exotic brunch on a plate and a magazine or kindle and savour it all, pretend you are in a cafe…


2. Go Swimming at the beach /  the lake / hotel

If you are a new reader, you should know am obsessed with the water, I find a sense of calm near water bodies, I think I was a mermaid or a dolphin in my other life… so if you are like me, Sunday seems like the perfect day to go for a swim or a chill at the beach. Especially with a week load of work, you can be around friends, but from time to time, you can reflect and relax on your own (the blogger way as i love referring it ). Get your sunscreen, your bikini, an iPod/iPad or your iPhone to listen to some music or if you are old school a novel to enjoy as you sun bask… done right, the tan can push you a full week… if swimming is not your thing, how about a walk in the park?



Well since tomorrow is Monday, which means WORK! or SCHOOL! at this point I don’t know which is worse! Anyways you are better of with the 6 pm movies, if you are going solo best watch a comedy or a romantic comedy, they live you in a good mood and ready to face the Monday blues…


4. Pamper Yourself

This can be a substitute for either movies or brunch, at least in my world, swimming stays constant, so you can do this in the morning or in the evening, I personally would suggest to do it in the evening, do your facial routine (if you do not know what to do, stay tuned it will be up in a couple posts, soon) do a Mani-Pedi and run yourself a  warm bath, get lost in a good book and a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or go old school with my personal favorite ICE CREME…


Without a doubt if you follow this routine, there is no way Sundays will be dull, and the beauty is you can always do all this in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you pick, you should always have positive thoughts and positive energy towards it… PS: the reason I love Sundays, is I don’t get to go to the gym and I can cheat on my diet Ha!… Till Then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday & Godspeed!





Bikini – Karen Nairobi

Shoes – Steve Maiden

Hat –  Same as Here



  1. December 13, 2016 / 9:15 pm

    That looks really hot … I mean the weather of course 😉

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