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Hello my beautiful readers,

Welcome back to my blog… Hoping your Monday is terrific and you’re not having any Monday blues and October is doing its magic on you. Am back at it with the steal my style session. So it’s a warm day outside and you want to catch up with some old friends or go to the mall or the movies, or better yet you want to slay the streets, because why the hell not…. Excuse my french.



Well misskymmiee got you on that, (look at me referring to myself using the 3rd person tense)  Uhhm, how about  leggings, Yep! what comes to mind when I hear this comfort, comfort and yes more comfort… leggings are so chic & Style when dressed up well and I love them plenty especially on those casual laid back days like the one I was having on this day.



Denim shirts or chambray should be a staple piece in every girls wardrobe much like the denim pants they tend to go with everything in the wardrobe, from denim jeans to get that denim on denim look to all colored pants and skirts I mean is there anything that a good chambray can’t do? If that is not a fashion miracle well I don’t know what is. In order to steal the charm or two how about pairing those beauties with some angled boots to radiate the “am-fashionable-without-trying-so-hard-look”…



If you have been my loyal reader for a while you know I love me some hats, The Hat trend is one that am on-board, one way destination to “setting trends”… Hats are a LOUD & BOLD fashion statement *screams while typing* lol… the denim and the leggings worn with flats or sandals look so casual and the idea here is to look casual but yet Street style ready…



To achieve this look or for the better term of words, to set trends in the street with casual style then Honey…The Key is accessorizing and that’s what the black hat was for… and well I have to get another one cause am surrounded by those people who shop free in my wardrobe and the hat had to go… *dramatic internet moaning*



And there you have it folks a steal my fashion session with MissKymmiee more on the outfit details will be listed below, and if you try this Casual Street style don’t forget to tag me @misskymmiee on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.



Stay safe till then,




Black Leggings: H & M

Denim Shirt: Online Instagram Shop


Denim Shirt


Ankle Boots

Watch : Micheal Kors

Hair : Brazilian Wet Styling



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