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Fashion is another accessory for someone with a great sense of style



Welcome back to yet another amazing session of Steal my style | OOTD | Look-book |Fashion & Style. Today I have an interesting topic to share with you and its the versatile piece am rocking or in other words Style confidence… I haven’t yet decided on the title of this post as I write, which is weird I always have a topic then drive my points from there but today am not sure what I will name it… I kinda want to name it Rihanna – My Fashion mother TBH haha! How cool is that though?


Aaaaanyways, Think of the most versatile piece of outfit in any girl’s wardrobe, a white shirt definitely comes into mind am I right? next to the Little Black Dress “LBD” or the little White Dress “LWD” for that matter, not only is it versatile but also a classic staple piece that can styled up or styled down and it can be worn from office to party hours, the choice is yours really… If your missing this baby in your wardrobe add it up on your next haul…and hey! Thank me later.


As a versatile piece be it a crispy cotton, or silky white or as simple and chic as the linen white tucked in or let down hanging loose, tied in a knot or the fashion expert cuffs or better yet worn as a shirt x dress accessorize with confidence (as I have styled it up) – you just can’t go wrong with this all round the year essential.


Funny story to how I got to have this shirt, I was out at the mall with some friends, and my best friend spotted this shirt first… but looks like the lucky stars were smiling at me because it didn’t fit her quite right and I tried it on. Lucky me, it did fit like a glove and the height was just too sultry I dared my self to dress it alone.


The most appealing thing a lady can wear is confidence, next to a breath-taking smile of course no argument there. If you have them, trust me you can move mountains, not in the literal sense but you get the point HA!. The whole agenda of being comfortable in your skin can make you a million times sultrier than one could ever imagine… and I would love to think this shirt gave me that feeling and more…


I had this look on one of my  girls birthday; Doreen and it was a drink out hosted at a club with a couple few friends to celebrate her new age so I thought to myself why not dress up this bad boy & have the greatest night and truly I had an amazing time…


I wore this with strappy black heels, double gold chains, a watch, minimal rings a clutch and lots and lots of confidence to help me stand out. I accessorize minimal to balance the loud white outfit in place.



• White Cotton Shirt – Mr Price Galleria, Nairobi.

• Strappy heel sandals – Steve Madden

• watch – Micheal Kors

• clutch – Present ❤

• Rings, Anklet, Bracelet – Randoms.

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed making it and don’t go forgetting style whatever with confidence and go take over the world…LITERALLY!! I will talk to you soonest, stay safe till then.




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  1. August 18, 2016 / 8:00 am

    Yeah “the most appealing thing a lady can wear is confidence, next to a breath-taking smile of course no argument there. if you have them, trust me you can move mountains” so true… 😉

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