The Black Girl Magic

Hello My Beautiful Readers,

How are y’all doing? Am back again, this time with a hot topic… Am about to represent the mother continent, hope y’all ready for this! Today am all about the African fashion…One thing we should bear in mind is, fashion keeps changing with time, as it is an ever-changing concept… But here is also a fun fact about fashion, it may fade for a while, then the same fashion sense comes back in style in simpler terms, fashion revolves… A good example is the Afro’s that can be traced last from the 1980’s it’s becoming more and more a trend that is embraced by a lot of the melanin sisters, and as a person belonging to the mother content, I couldn’t be more proud.



The exact meaning of fashion means the way you represent yourself in the society and how you relate to the fashion trends in  a way that allows you to stand out and express yourself. Each country in the world has its own culture, style statement and history for that matter, but here is a fun fact, the “Kitenge” as it’s commonly known as in East Africa or the Ankara as its referred by the western and southern Africa, and the most common name being African Print recognized world-wide, has been the one cloth item that represent the mother continent world wise.



This piece of clothing can be designed into a million and one ways and still radiate the African Vibe, it can be styled into a blazer, a short (as I have styled mine) a dress, a skirt, or a head wrap for that matter and we have gone to extremes and designed a bikini… I mean way to go Africa… The beauty of it all is that, this clothing has gained popular recognition world-wide, with fashion icons like Rihanna and Beyoncé rocking it also Kelvin Hart seemed to love him some African Print just to mention but a few. African print also seemed to have made its way int the New York’s Fashion week, spring collection 2016.



The Afrocentric style in general tend to be versatile and figure flattering, it tends to be modern even after being here from time immemorial, & because of its extraordinary and unique style, it tends to have crossed all fashion boundaries and given the black girls world-wide the magic and highlight they all deserve… With the extraordinary look and confidence, Black Girls are Killing it, one fashion day at a time.



I was inspired to do this look about two weekends ago. I had to go to work and it was too hot outside, and I needed an excuse to wear shorts without being work inappropriate, so I came up with this chic, sophisticated yet laid back-chilled kinda look. I paired it with a white long sleeve classic white shirt because, you can never go wrong with a white classic staple shirt, to complete the look I wore some African culture sandals to give it a more Afrocentric look… and Hey that huge signature blogger hat had to make its appearance, and better get used to it, because it’s not leaving my head anytime soon, Ha. With the navy hand bag my look was complete and most importantly I wore shorts to work, Yaay me! more on my outfit details below..




There you have it, ladies & Gentlemen, I decided to tap and channel my inner African goddess and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the general outcome, PS: the guitar had to be there I mean I do look cool posing next to it, who knows I could be low-key a guitarist… but that’s a story am yet to tell, some other time maybe… Hope you are inspired to channel your inner African goddess, tag me in all your looks on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest @misskymmiee. Talk soon Ta!







Hat- Hilton Nairobi

African Shorts- Customized (Mama Africa)

Masai Cultured Sandals – Present

White Shirt – Woolworth Nairobi

Watch – Micheal Kors

Navy Bag – Thrift

Choker – Nairobi Boutique

Lipstick – ADS matte, Dark Brown


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