The Gentlemen’s Style Guide

The Gentlemen’s Style Guide

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How are you this beautiful Thursday? I am fine and to be honest am so happy I’m still able to keep up my end of the deal, day 4 of my all-week-challenge of posting and in all honesty I came too close to not posting today’s article. I had one of those writers block and a call to one of my amazing friends and this idea The Gentlemen’s Style Guide came popping.

I have always focused on my personal style and from time to time tipped on women styling tips. So I have decided to extend this to my male readers out there and I didn’t know till recently that I a male readers category with great statistics. I promise to have a Gentlemen’s Style Guide and tips to help  or guide you in your style journey.. With that being said thank you for stopping by hope you stick around and enjoy this first post on the Gentlemen’s Style Guide.

I have put together the Gentlemen’s Style Guide that will help you start a fresh for the beginners and a checklist for the Pro stylist. I want you to feel, look & think sharp. so this is not about the clothes people it’s about the GENTLEMEN Lifestyle.

Talking about the Gentlemen’s Style Guide. There are staple pieces that every gentleman should own from basic denim & a white plain t-shirt, to a beautiful tuxedo and beautiful leather shoes, here I have compiled you a list of  20 to guide you through:

  1. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: A BLUE JEANS

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Every man needs a pair of trendy blue jeans, they are a fun pair to style and to top it all this jeans are all-season kind of outfit. A good pair goes a long way… and for some as they wear out they get more stylish.

2. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: A PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

This is another staple piece that is never out of style, a classic that can be paired with a blue jeans or with a short to give you the ultimate fun weekend look. You can opt for a rounded collar type of t-shirt or a v-neck the choice is yours. It can be dressed up or dressed down.

3. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: PLAIN GREY T-SHIRT

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

You can’t have too many neutrals and this can be an alternative to the whitey above. This staple piece can help create the model-off-duty vibe. I mean come on who doesn’t love a bit of grey in their life?

4. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: SINGLE BREASTED SUIT IN GREY/ NAVY

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

This serves for mostly work or professional look for any Monday to Friday look. A simple navy or grey single breasted will see you through work to the smarter evening events.

5. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: TUXEDO

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

The gentlemen’s best I right? Every gentlemen knows a Tuxedo is a must in the collection in the wardrobe. I should totally have started with this to emphasize. No gentleman is complete without a fitting black tuxedo on the go for any special occasion.

6. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: A SPORTS JACKET.

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Others call this a blazer, it’s a smarter way to bring or better yet dress up any outfit. It adds a bit of class and style to an individual. Get yours in Navy for a multi-purpose looks.

7. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: CRISPY WHITE SHIRT.

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

whether worn open collared & chinos or dressed up with a suit and a tie, a white crispy shirt is an absolute must.

8. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: A PLAIN BLUE OR A PINK SHIRT


I know for some guys pink can be intimidating but personally I find it kinda sexy if a guy can pull off a pink shirt. Anyways, similar to the crispy whites, this babes can be dressed up to complement a work attire or button down for a casual look.

9. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: Trenchcoat

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Make like a true gent and on an iconic trench come rain, storm or high waters.

10. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: A BOMBER JACKET

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Only the perfect way to tighten up an outfit, be it a leather bomber jacket or a biker jacket,it will add a panache to every gentleman’s style.

11. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: NAVY CASHMERE JUMPERThe Gentlemen's Style Guide

A beautiful cashmere jumper never runs out of style trust me. It’s ideal for the cold winters and when the chills of summer kicks in.

12. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: CHINOS

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

the best way to fulfill the smart-casual dress codes, pair this babes with a laid work office for a cool Friday look. Get the neutrals as well for a variety of style.

13. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: BROWN BROGUES

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Ever heard of shoes that improve with age? well you are about to. You can never go wrong with a pair of brown brogues. The fun part of being a guy, no many colors necessary to stand out.

14. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: BLACK LACE-UP SHOES.

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

This baby will accompany you to work and smart occasions. Let’s be honest you can tell a lot about a man from the shoes he wears… so Gents let’s make it count.

15.The Gentlemen’s Style Guide:  A PLAIN COLORED TIE

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

What’s a gentleman clean outfit without a tie? I will give you a minute to answer. Don’t worry I am still waiting.

16.The Gentlemen’s Style Guide:  CUFF LINKS

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Cuff links brings an official outfit together and adds a classy touch to a gentleman’s outfit.

17. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: UMBRELLA

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Well what do I say about this. The old tale that goes as far back as time goes says, “A gentleman shall not be caught in the rain.”

18. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: SNEAKERS

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Guys will ONLY be guys…

19. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: SUNGLASSES

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

Last but not least, a pair of cool sunglasses that can go a long way and they can worn on summer and winter days alike.

20. The Gentlemen’s Style Guide: WALLET

The Gentlemen's Style Guide

And there you have it folk my idea of a gentleman’s starter kit… for the gents feel free to take an idea from my book and for the ladies this can be used as an ideal gift for HIM.

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