The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

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Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to discuss The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule. Do you wake up in the morning and stare at your over-filling wardrobe and sigh, “I have nothing to wear?” because same Ha! I recently read an article which is the soul inspiration for this post.It talks about clothes that we own that don’t pass the 5 item checklist for a complete wardrobe. What is the The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule & 5 item checklist? Don’t worry little Timmy am about to share them with you in a few.

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule Has Quality

Invest in long-term pieces that will carry you a lifetime. In such investments it’s better to go on quality than quantity. I know it seems counter intuitive to spend more but trust me its worth it in the long run. This could include items like quality boots or a leather jacket.

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule Has Variety

Opt for the mix of classic pieces and trend driven updates. The best of most outfits consist of this two babies. The main reason for this is to always add edge to an outfit and allows an individual to be stylish, chic and most importantly edgy with a touch of personal style.

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

I love how she was able to combine her off the shoulder blouse, her ripped jeans and the iconic fringe strap sandals. Variation at its best.

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule has Form & Function

You will find that your most-loved outfit, fulfill function and form. All the clothes that you buy the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing full fill the first part of the equation-Foam, while the 2nd half of the equation is about practicality that means no awkward fits and stretchy fabrics.

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

Has Versatility

It can be defined as the ability to adopt. This pieces can be worn in all seasons of the year, they can be dressed up or down. They can be both formal and casual and yet in all cases they stand out. You can never go wrong with a versatile piece. This being the case they tend to be dressed than most and this requires a variety in the mix. They include items like the LBD and the white classic shirts you know the sorts. see below how she could transform the little grey dress LGD if that exists lol.


The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule Has Personality.

Whether your looks tend to be preppy or edgy. Your wardrobe needs to reflect your personal style or you will never be contented with it. Personality and preference keeps evolving and our wardrobe needs to evolve with it. There is no point of having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing that you can wear and own it as a pro. Clean out the wardrobe and analyze them with the 5 item checklist and be sure to thank me later.

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All the photos were obtained from Pinterest.


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