Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style

Hello my Beautiful readers,

Welcome back to my blog. Am really excited for today’s post. I think this is one of my happiest discoveries. Before we go all in on Types of Personal Style. Do you know what personal style is and do you have it? or like most have you been struggling to find one? Well don’t worry no more at the end of this style series.? You would have found Types of Personal Style  and more. I just wish I had found out about this discovery earlier. During the time I was finding my own personal style hustle. For the love of me someone should have told me about this sooner. And it would have saved me the tom boy phase struggle that I went to all through junior high. Ha!

This Types of Personal Style is a long discovery. It can be really overwhelming with the over flooding information on the internet. I took the liberty to break it into pieces. So it can be easy to follow and along the way identify your Types of Personal Style. Trust me you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a personal style. Everyone has a personal style. You probably haven’t found yours yet or maybe you have but you haven’t assigned a name to it. For introduction I will discuss what style is and the Types of Personal Style that are there to see which among this you relate to the most.

Types of Personal Style has been one of the longest researchers I did on this blog. It has been on my mind and in the making for the longest  time, and probably a post that I enjoyed compiling. All through the research I have learnt a lot of bits that am super excited to share  with my esteemed readers.

So what is a personal style? First and far most, a personal style is an elusive beast at its best. There that’s the general definition. But wait that doesn’t even make sense. So to simplify it further & for the better terms of words, Personal style=Individuality. But, how does that definition help me figure my personal style?

Before we go in so deep I will try to name the Types of Personal Style that are out there. Maybe that will give you a pointer or two. So as far as style categories goes we have a couple out there & just to mention but a few,  the Bohemians, grungy, preppy, tomboy, ladylike, glam, gamine, casualty, minimalist, eclectic, edgy, emo and the alternatives. Don’t worry I have also tried to combine pictures sourced from pinterest to give you a visual of what this style is all about… trust me you knew them probably the name just took you off-key.

Types of Personal Style: Vintage style.

This is the era in the fashion industries as far back as the 1920’s to 1970’s and most of this clothes happen to be super unique due to luck of production but as we all know fashion is a continuous wheel and some of the look are making a come back in the industry.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Emo Personal Style.

This particular fashion broke into the main stream in the early 2000’s and its associated with punk rock music and it mostly relates with introverts who tend to make a statement through their own style, it is sometimes referred to as the alternative personal style.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style : Edgy Personal Style

The truth is the edgy style has more than one definition, it can mean going an extra mile in the style category of which individuals with such personal style don’t follow trends they tend to set their own trends with confidence and have fun doing it. Example an edgy person can pull a plain t-shirt and denim in a way you wouldn’t ever imagine. Think of Rihanna for a change. But again for some being edgy may mean weird and outrageous but hey, what is weird and outrageous to one may mean different to others.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Preppy Personal Style

This style became more establish in the 1970’s and developed in the subculture in the United States. It was also associated with ivy league universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton and used to reflect the traditional upper class.  A Preppy normally wears Ralph Lauren, Polo, lactose, ribbon belts, sweaters tied around the neck, Peter Pan collars, a lot of polka dots and pearls. Example is Zoe Deschanel from New Girl

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Tom Boy Personal Style

Lets clear the contradiction that has been portrayed on dictionaries trying to define a tomboy as a woman who wants to be a man by dressing like one or doing manly things GROSS!. Simply put a tomboy is an individual with the ability to balance mixture of elements traditionally associated with masculinity balanced beautiful with he femininity. an Example would be Ellen DeGeneres.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Bohemian Personal Style

Often referred to as boho or boho chic originated between the 1960’s and the 1970’s. It is used to define a way of living that is usually artistic and conventional but in the early years of the 21st century it was related to girls who were gypsy. It focuses on free and flowy fabric fashion. Some argue that bohemian is not fashion but rather a lifestyle.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Lady-Like Personal Style

In the better terms of word lady like personal style is all about accentuating your womanhood and expressing it in ones style with a hint of chic and sophistication.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Eclectic Personal Style

This describes a combination of many element of styles or mixing up colors that do not contrast or match each other or pulling various style elements, patterns and colors and looks from different sources and creating a look. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker from sex and the city and Katy Perry are some of the examples.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Casual Personal Style

This basically involves dressing up something completely informal like tailored slacks, leather jacket or a pair of jeans. These are for the easy-going girls that prefer comfort above everything else and easy maintainable clothes. A celebrity that has mastered this style is Cameroon Dias.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Gamine Personal Style

Gamine  is used to refer slim often cute & innocent, elegant young woman who are perceived to be both mischievous and sexually appealing. In fashion it is usually connoted with being cool and having tomboyish character but not muscling in the least that enjoy the pixie cut. Example was Audrey Hepburn.

Types of Personal Style

Types of Personal Style: Glam Personal Style

Its origin can be traced as far back as the late 1970’s. This individuals dress in outrageous style and they are always photo-ready for the most case. It is used to refer elegance with a bewitching charm.

Types of Personal Style

So there you have it my beloved I tried to be as precise as possible. Am pretty sure as you read this you were able to relate to a group or two of the style category and you have begun to have a slight idea about where you actually lean on most. It is also common to relate to more than two groups but at the end of this series if you haven’t figured out where you belong there will be a guide to help you see what your true personal style is. This then concludes the introduction to finding your personal style… Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the part 2 of the series.

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all the pictures compiled where sourced out from Pinterest and tumblr mood boards.



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      Awww Go you babes!! Am glad u have your own personal style 💕

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