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When in Doubt, wear black.

   I have absolutely amazing news!! I have officially began my new journey as a content creator, I have just launched my YouTube channel and am all so thankful for all you who have already subscribed to it and if you haven’t not to worry here is the link to my Channel.


   So Today I thought I would start by posing a question to you guys, ladies to be exact…. Do you ever have a fashion rut or worse do you always decide on an outfit and it feels funny or off even though you have worn it before and it was an awesome combo just the other day? because same… LOL!


This weird habit where we end up with a pile of clothes on the bed and still screaming, “I have nothing to wear.” Ohhh Well we have all been there, some more than others…. by some I actually mean me. I always have to go through this process of I hate my clothes or I need more clothes almost everyday.


Over the past couple months I think I have been able to get out of the rut or rather I discovered my own fashion remedy: featured in almost every vogue and New york fashion week: an-all-black outfit…. not just any black it should be classy & polished so it can help me stand out.


I ensemble a street chic style, and I wore a black crop top and black skinnies with a signature hat. The golden statement acts as an accent that brings the outfit together, I paired with boots to give it a classy-edgy look with a black handbag and Voilà! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy right? Ohh! the black cape you ask… I had just watched Peter Pan J.K Haha!


If clothes could be-friend us trust me I would be Best friends with an all-black attire. The only thing you need in an all black outfit is a Baddie attitude… it’s one of those clothes when dressed well feels like you dressing hoping you will meet your worst Enemy… Ha!


BTW IF you haven’t added me on snapchat: Kymmie-21 now would be greater time as any, for I post a lot of my OOTD and my crazy daily routines…and in all honesty the last couple weeks have been pretty exciting…




CropTop – Mr Price, Galleria

Black Skinnies – same here

Hat – same here

Watch – same here

 Boots – same here.

Cape – Part of this Trench coat.

Statement Necklace – Random shop Nairobi.

Incase you missed out on my YouTube Channel, here it is… Don’t forget to Subscribe, Comment and Give me thumbs up.

Till My Next Article, Stay Safe.



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