Winter Season: Style, Balance & Proportion

Hello my beautiful readers,

Welcome back to my blog. Thankful for yet another cold day bestowed upon us, personally am more thankful for my location at the moment, I am able to plan an outfit of the day and rock it  all day long regardless of the weather, something that is contradictory to the Nairobi weather. I have always thought it to be Bi-polar type of weather, where it can be raining cats and dogs at one point and sunny in the next hour… you just cant tame the weather tbh, luckily in Arusha am on top of my weather game…



I don’t really hate the cold weather, its more or less a blessing in disguise… I tend to rock my winter gears and its one among my favourite outfits to be honest, next to the ease of summer outfits obviously. I love the challenge that comes with winter outfits… Where, you where too little & you definitely freeze out, where as you wearing too much,  might lead to looking like a potato from hell HaHa!! So in my Advice and personal experience the cold season is about balance and proportions and of course PERSONAL STYLE!





Blame this on the weather if you must but I think two things are inseparable, the cold weather and the outer coats, be it a trench coat, a sailor’s coat, a good old classic leather coat or a poncho among the many varieties that just seems to stand out as a staple piece in the winter and cold days. Especially when you want to be both stylish and warm without over doing it. It’s not only a staple piece for the cold days but if worn right it also gives you  certain edge & helps you stand out… nothing says winter is here (Game of Throne’s lovers will understand this Ha!) like boots & I love me some stylish boots to help me get through the day.



I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my good old stilettos but they just aint as warm when it comes to the cold days unless you add up some stockings and of course that’s a story am yet to tell. The worst of all, is when it is both cold and rainy… so dust those boots up !! everyone seems to have their-to-go piece in the cold, something that keeps them warm or to boost up their style to the next level, for me it has become more like a statement piece and that is my good old Hat, be it in the summer or winter I have just fallen in love with this babies they tend to save me well, in the summer they shield me from the sun, in the cold and windy days they keep my hair non-frizz and all over the place.





I am simply a lover of life and the pros of  this weather that  am always looking forward to the end of the day is  when I get to drink my all time favourite warm cup of Caffè macchiato, cuddled in a blankie while I catch up on my e-mails and feedbacks from you guys, or simply watch a series & I have just finished watching season 6 of the Game of thrones. I have to say episode 9 was the master piece for me.



In today’s steal my style series I dressed some thick black tights, and an official-casual black crop top and my black hat, layered with a navy gray outer coat and grey boots to keep me warm. I accessorize minimally so as I could balance out the loud outer coat and the hat vibes with a statement brass-gold necklace and a watch, more on outfit details below.





Photographed by : My Cousin Sallie Marie




Crop top Mr Price, Galleria-Nairobi

Leggins- Zara Basic, same as Here

ankle Boots Atmosphere

Trench Coat- customed

Watch- Micheal Kors, same as Here

Hat- A gift from my BFF

Statement necklace Random Shop in Nairobi

Hair- Peruvian Lace Wig

location Mount Meru Hote, Arusha

Ps: Let me know how you enjoy your evening especially in this cold season and what series or movie have you all been watching lately?

Stay safe & I will talk to you soon on my next article.




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