Written in The Stars, issue no.1

Hello my beautiful readers,

Welcome to back to my blog. Wait what is written in the stars?? it the last sunday of the month series where I intend to share my brief monthly review of whats been going on or for any changes to expect, for starters there is a brief change in routine upon this blog, not a change to be exact but more or less what to expect, I have tried to come up with a consistent way to steer my readers going and aching for more by adding posts in a week, this will be effective from today, so expect post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one of the weekends…

Am in a transition period and on break from all the school hustle and stress, am at a point on my life where I don’t have other priorities and I think as I take time off to reflect on life, I can fuel my passion and push myself for more… I keep getting new followers and the old ones keep coming back, this is the greatest thing any blogger out there could ever hope for.

We keep writing post trying to create an impact not just writing them and stashing them under the carpet lol, we hope that articles will pave way for other aspiring bloggers or change someone’s life for the better. in the begging I always thought my blog will end up to be my online journal that I will be its only constant reader lol! but I had a desire from within that kept me going to date… I knew very few people read my blog.. my best friends to be exact but with time my statistics have been growing and moving to the next level and I owe this huge thankyou to my esteemed readers, thank you for always sticking with me through my journey…. there is more coming!! I Promise.

stay safe till my next article,



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