Hello my beautiful readers, Welcome back to my blog… we are still on the verge of finding personal style, if you happen to have stumbled here by chance, how about checking the previous post to get an over view on finding you personal style here. As promised, here is follow-up or a part two from last weekends topic, it’s some… View Post

hello my beautiful readers, welcome back to my blog…how are you all doing? well i thought on a quick post as i am working on the part two of finding your style which will be up up first thing over the weekend, tips and tricks in the fashion industry… Stock your wardrobe with pieces that can be worn a number… View Post

Hello my Beautiful readers, Welcome back to my blog. am really excited for today’s post, I think this is one of my happiest discoveries… before we go all in… do you have a personal style? or like most have you been struggling finding one? well don’t worry no more at the end of this style series you would have found… View Post

hello my beautiful readers, welcome back to my blog. today we are going to discuss everything perfection on the wardrobe category. do you wake up in the morning and stare at your over-filling wardrobe and sigh, “I have nothing to wear?” because same Ha! I recently read an article which is the soul inspiration. it talks about clothes that we… View Post