Hello Beautiful Reader, Welcome back to my blog, am here with yet another awesome post, Styling Polka Dots, and also you get to see for a second or so my so-girly side… Ha! you’re welcome… apart from being preppy, polka dots send such a fashionista vibe, and from time to time I love to dip my feet in the pool of possibilities.… View Post

Hello my Beautiful Readers, Am super excited with the love October has had in store for me, I had a mission to post about 15 times this month but sadly,its mid October and I am lagging by 2 or 3 posts, however you guys have been super supportive I mean WOW!! I aimed at having 1000 views  this month and… View Post

Hello My Beautiful readers, How are y’all doing, Today I have the final update on the finding your personal style which had two other blog posts that preceded it… Here is a short recap for the newbies, The first post, finding your personal style 101 I discussed the introduction to this series where I run through the common types of styles world-wide to… View Post

Hello my beautiful readers, Welcome to my blog… How have you all been since we last spoke? Well am doing great a part from  missing the post yesterday of which I had planned to do a final piece on finding your personal style and I promise to have it up and running by tomorrow (Scott’s Honor). My target  this month is getting all my… View Post