Am Back and am Better…

Hello my beautiful readers,

welcome back to my blog. How have you all been? I must say this has been the longest blog hold… As I had said on my previous post, I needed some personal time off…I had to sort some issues, while I was on that I got ill talk about black cloud life and in conclusion I had to move back home to get started with the next step in life now that I have accomplished a milestone in my academics. I come bearing gifts of apology…Yaaaay! As you all know I usually post thrice a week but due to the long unexpected silence I decided to add an extra blogging day…. I will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and one of the weekends… and in addition to the gentlemen series that I introduced last month I be incorporating extra blog ideas to share with you just to mention but a few; DIY, Tips & Tricks, Beauty and Design. I have set a target on my monthly views of which after I accomplish that I intend to partner with 3 companies, one on fitness, another on health and the last on fashion. To conclude I will be doing a give-away in the near future but details of that will be discussed in details later…. I guess that sums it all. I am truly thankful for all the heartfelt e-mails, texts and DMs pertaining my silence. It felt good knowing I was missed and I made an impact. I love my blog family more than you can imagine and you guys are the real MVP’s… okay, now can we acknowledge the over-all new glossy theme for I have always been trying to come out with ideas for improving the look of this blog and making it as user-friendly as possible and it is safe to say mission accomplished! I think this is by far the cutest theme ever, the most responsive theme on all devices hence the title AM BACK & AM BETTER … it doesn’t get better than this people… So enough about me… Let me know how you have all been in the comment below and let me know what you would love to see all so often on the blog.

feel free to contact me on my personal email and I will get back as soon as possible:

PS: if you are interested in purchasing this theme don’t hesitate to check out for more awesome themes

till then stay safe.




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