Habits of Stylish Men

Habits of Stylish Men

Hello my Beautiful Readers,

Welcome back to my blog, myself included, I recently took a mini vacation and I was away for like 2 weeks, in my vacation I was able to detox from the social networks, my blog included. In other words this is an elaborated way of saying I apologize for the unexpected silence, I saw the opportunity and took a leap of faith.

So in today’s post,Habits of Stylish Men. Today being a Wednesday and all I thought I would do the gentlemen’s feature which is live every other Wednesday, (when am not taking the unplanned vacations of cause). First thing we all need to know, no man is born stylish, it takes an effort to acquire the studied perfection  in the art of dressing well. We all know the proverb, “Habit is second to nature.” right?

Question is, what are the Habits of Stylish Men? and how do some men just effortlessly look stylish like all the time? to be honest it’s a little intimidating, they set the bar too high, I mean its Low-key Annoying. The question can be simply answered by the proverb stated above. The fashion choices of these men are guided by certain principles that over time become their second nature.Here is the good news in all these, this habits aren’t hard to learn and in fact any guy out there who implements this will see a huge game change in their style to the extent he wont even have to think it anymore, trust me you can thank me later.

Great style should be a subconscious part of your daily routine. Below are the Habits of Stylish Men you should be keen to, because, why the hell not?

Habits of Stylish Men #1: Feel Comfortable in your clothing

Habits of Stylish Men

Part one: be Confident in what you where, I wish I could stress this some more, any stylish person male or female, alive or dead had this in common. They all felt confident in what they wore. Confidence is the foundation of style. If you want to be the best dressed guy in the room then Confidence is major Key.

Part two: Wear clothes that fit, smart men are not a penny wise and a pound foolish, I can sense the eyebrows being raised, what is she talking about? smart and stylish men will always avoid the greatest sin in style, that is clothes that don’t fit, even if the clothes is on 90% discount, don’t purchase it if it doesn’t fit. The real value of a clothing is in how often are you going to be able to style it?

Habits of Stylish Men #2:  Dress for your Body, Event, Weather and Yourself

Habits of Stylish Men

Stylish men are never ruled by vanity, they don’t allow their better sense of judgement be ruled out by fashion trends that are the current rage. They are sensible in their choices because they understand what suits their body type, the weather, the event they are attending and their lifestyle. Their choices aren’t based on what looks good on someone else rather they base on:

  • The weather: Dress appropriately for the climate in your location.
  • Natural features: Is your frame small or large? Wear clothing that compliments your build and not clothing that either makes you look like a giant or a dwarf.
  • Appropriateness: Dress appropriately for the event or occasion you are attending.

Habits of Stylish Men #3: Know your Tailor’s Name

Habits of Stylish Men

It takes a skilled tailor to create an attire that is right for your body. A stylish guy knows the importance of a skilled tailor and makes an effort to build friendship with one he can trust. Get your clothes adjusted, yes even the new clothes may need a little bit more twitching.

Habits of Stylish Men #4: Know your Barber or Hair Stylist


Same as the Tailor’s the hair stylist is key to the general grooming of a stylish guy, make an effort to visit him or her every two weeks, more if your hair needs a tender care, whatever your pick, stay in touch with them and have a permanent one who you can establish a relationship with. Avoid rush hour trips to the barber, this may end you with a bad hair cut.

Habits of Stylish Men #5: Pre-Set Details

Habits of Stylish Men

Where do You store your pocket square? The other pocket already holds your business cards, to save you time when you’re running into a business conference, the point is. Plan your outfits the night before, store your watch, belt and other accessories next to your outfit, this will save you time in the morning to look for an outfit and the accessories that go along with it.

Habits of Stylish Men #6: Understand the power of a Scent

Habits of Stylish Men

Let me let y’all in a little secrets, every girl on the face of the earth is attracted to an alluring scent, so to all brothers out there, your style game can be demolished if you are missing a scent in the mix. A scent says a lot about you, a scent goes along way. It includes the general body hygiene, shower daily, brush your teeth and tongue and avoid foods that affect your odor the negative way, and have a signature scent. Ps: Less is more when in comes to this, and if you get a quality one, there is no need to dive in a bottle…

Habits of Stylish Men #7: Know The Rules & When To Break Them

Habits of Stylish Men

A stylish man knows the rules but is confident enough to break them. You first have to know the rules before you can break them. The Italians have a word, sprezzatura, which describes a certain nonchalance in how a man dresses. To achieve the ‘deliberately-disheveled’ look of nonchalance, a gentleman first needs to understand the inner workings of style.

Habits of Stylish Men #8: Let go Of Worn-Out Garments

Habits of Stylish Men

Use a simple formula, for each new item you buy, donate an older clothing from the wardrobe. Especially if it hasn’t been worn in the last 6 months or longer. This way your wardrobe will forever stay fresh and minimal with little to no clutter.

Habits of Stylish Men #9: Complement Freely, but avoid dispensing Fashion Advice.

When you notice someone, who made an effort to stand out, be sure to complement them. But never ever be that guy that reaches for people’s ties to straighten them. Especially if you do not know them, you may mean well, but not everyone will read into it like that. Don’t be that annoying guy that pushes their ideas to others without them asking you.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know how much in the comments below. Let’s catch up on all my socials linked below. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. Be a part of my little Facebook Family. For collaborations, comment, concerns or simply saying, Hello, how you doing? E-mail me here info@misskymmiee.com Don’t forget to comment, like subscribe on the Blog and my YouTube channel. Till then, stay safe, Dehydrate and mind your business… Ha! I learnt that saying over my mini-vacation. Talk soon


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