My Life List Ideas

My Life List Ideas

Hello my Beautiful Readers,

Well am seated here that’s a long stretch, lying in bed trying to make a life list ideas and yes I refuse to call it a bucket list because I don’t necessarily have to accomplish them all and some I have already accomplished . Am 23 years old and I don’t believe I have a life list written anywhere so today seems like the day to do my very first. I think I will learn a bit more about myself.

I hope I motivate you to do one of your own, or even better try something from my life list. Hope I make it to 100 though. So here goes from my utterly ridiculous to the most extravagant, to the most simplest and lastly my life’s biggest dreams.

My Life List take one.

1. Sky dive

2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or go hiking.

3. Work for UN (crossing fingers for my application)

4. If number 3, doesn’t work then I hope to have one big international company.

5. Write my love story.

6. Get married by 29.

7. Have twins any means necessary.

8. Get a DSLR camera.

9. Get my YouTube channel up and running after no.8 ofcouse.

10. Get my blog to the next level.

11. Learn a new language fluently, French or Spanish or both.

12. Get paid to do what I love.

13. Spend the whole day in bed cuddling with the hubs...

14. Get a PhD before age 25.

15. Live in New York for a while.

16. Make someones dream come true.

17. Donate to a charity close to my heart.

18. Vacation in L.A or Miami.

19. Stop drinking soda die trying.

20. Do Yoga.

21. Pray more.

22. Do a body cleanse once every month.

23. Learn to ice skate, to well.

24. Color code my closet.

25. Start a designer shoe collection.

26. Re-pierce my belly button for the 4th time.

27. Take photography classes.

28. Eat Cheese

29. Learn to drink wine & enjoy it or find the flavor everyone seems to enjoy.

30. Have a favourite scripture memorized. Psalm 23

31. Take professional cooking class.

32. Learn to dance salsa.

33. Buy a house.

34. Learn to ride a bike, I know am too old.

35. Get my make up done by a professional make up artist

36. Travel the world.

37. Go to Disney world.

38. Enjoy life to the fullest

39. Visit the Eiffel tower

40. Learn to surf on long boards.

41. Learn to ride a horse.

42. Buy an all black customized range rover.

43. Have a customized dress by a designer.

44. Attend a BET show…

45. Publish articles well-known magazines.

46. Attend a Paris Fashion week.

47. Own a sports car.

48. Be forever in shape.

49. Attend an honest to God Movie premier.

50. Throw a huge birthday bash when I get 30.

51. Earn more than enough money.

52. Have spa days weekly.

53. Spoil my future kids with love & goodies.

54. Go on a cruise.

55. Marry my soul mate.

56. Sleep naked.

57. Learn to play guitar.

58. Take make-up classes from a professional.

59. Be on a talk show.

60. Get 6 pack abs.

61. Own a motor bike.

62. Learn to do sensual massage.

63. See the Niagra falls or the grand cannon.

64. Go on a helicopter ride.

65. Design a logo

66. Get a white fluffy puppy.

67. Take a road trip.

68. Live in a house with a window seat.

69. Organize an event for charity.

70. Fall in love.

71. Ride in a hot air balloon.

72. Discover something.

73. Make my other name formal.

74. Go on a cruise.

75. Own a glass house.

76. Buy a white horse.

77. Dye my hair

78. karaoke in front of a crowd.

79. Attend a highschool reunion.

80. Redecorate my room

81. Only wear designer lingerie

82. Make an appearance.

83. Start a tradition

84. Set foot in all 7 continents.

85. Have premium blog privileges.

86. Get an exclusive make up brand collection.

87. Have an educated assistant.

88. Help the needy.

89. Be a bridesmaid.

90. Buy my mum my parents car.

91. Bake a double dip chocolate cake.

92. Inspire people with my Fashion & Style sence more

93. Be a Cool & fun mum.

94. Learn to make Hawaiian Pizza extra cheese… slurp!

95. Make my dad proud

96. Have a family portrait taken.

97. Volunteer.

98. Watch a sunset & sunrise on the same day.

99. Make love on the beach.

100. Name my Baby Girl Elsie.

This has been fun… took me about 24 hours to get my life list done… phew!! I nominate this amazing Bloggers.

Mithai Mumblezz



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  1. Sandhya
    August 10, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    That’s quite an impressive list Kymmie!

    • August 10, 2016 / 11:38 pm

      awww!! thankyou so much sweety… hope you get time to create one… have the best of everything. x

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