Night Out X Dashing Red

Hello My beautiful Readers,

Feels like forever since we last spoke, and I know, I know you are thinking, Here we go!! & I don’t blame you Ha! I however have a very fun excuses this time but I have sorta decided to go low-key with this one, for now at least… could be a major project and I wouldn’t want to jinx it, or maybe its something on my personal life… bear with my excuse all the more.


I have done a variation of this kind of posts before, as seen here and here,  give or take but, I have never really showcased a night out post that featured an OOTN- “outfit of the night” I may have invented that term Ha! or maybe I wasn’t to direct on that, and for the life of me I don’t know why really?? and in all honesty going out has always been a part of me, in my university days mostly…


Anyways. with work and life in general including moving back home, I haven’t really been out as much. I mean don’t get me wrong I have been only that I haven’t had the type of nights where I hang out partying out till 6 am in the morning. I think that clarifies it a bit more, with that out-of-the-way, I thought I could do a quick blog post slush a catch up  at the same time showcasing my outfit of the night…


My best friend did a surprise visit  for a weekend in town, and I was super excited I mean obviously, I haven’t seen her in a while and due to life and responsibility we hardly see each other as often… so when my best friend said she was coming to town… I couldn’t think of a better idea. Night outs with my best friend are always so lit and its never a dull time…she could literally have not picked the best timing


You know what the say about a woman in Red? well if you didn’t, I will gladly let you on a little secret, a lady who can slay a full on red outfit is said to stand out, I mean Duh!! but also red is associated with having the highest sexual appeal of all the colors!… don’t believe me? well google that shit (excuse my french) and find out…



I enjoy doing dress ups of everything in life but especially on girls night out, which this particular one was more interesting, we were to go for a concert, Sauti Sol, a popular pop band in East Africa was performing that night and sad enough we were late for the concert and we decided to hit the after party, my best friend, Sammy is a huge fan of the band and was bummed when we couldn’t see them, but on a shocking turn of events, we had VVIP pass and ended up hanging out with them after all… am glad Sammy could cancel that of her bucket list.


I am down to earth in love with my neutral collections, but I needed an extra classy, edgy, mystery and a tone load of sophistication & glam for the night mixed up with a fun and outgoing bits, and I think the red outfit gave me that and to be honest I was feeling myself, just a little bit Ha!



There you have it my mini update on my weekend adventure, anyways I don’t know if you can tell that’s a playsuit or not, but it’s definitely not one, it’s some fun high-waisted shorts with gold details, a fun linen tank top, strappy healed sandals of course to get me through the night, and I gotta handle it to you guys, this shoes are definitely high but one of my comfy-est pair, ever!!! a black clutch and my party mode, more on where you can get the outfits, see details below. Till then don’t miss out another post due tomorrow.



Red High waist Shorts – Mr Price, Galleria Mall Nairobi

Red Tank Top – Sammy’s Closet

Strappy Sandals – Steve Maiden

Clutch – Instagram online boutique

Hair – Trimmed Brazilian Hair

Watch – Micheal Kors



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