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Hello Loves,

Just a brief update,

First and foremost, for all you who have been responding to my emails and sharing your thoughts with me I truly appreciate. Your contribution not only mean a world to me, but also fuels my mojo, HA!. In the past week or so I have been busy updating the blog and shifting my domain so as I can give you guys more of a responsive and easy to navigate kinda blog and I have been short on articles I know… but don’t you worry my darlings I’m back and ready to get this series up and running…Tell me how you like the new updates?? and Hey Have you noticed we can now be real friends?? I mean how cool is that,

A quick note for those viewing through their phones scroll down to the very bottom and switch to full site to have the ultimate experience with the blog, Thankyou and Good Day

Till then I will talk to you all soon, keep telling a friend about this and make this family grow bigger and better.

All my love,

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