What I Eat in a Day: 2

What I Eat in a Day: 2

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Been a minute to long and I thought I share with you a What I Eat in a Day: 2. I have done this type of post, What I Eat in a Day, as seen on the link above. Not a lot has changed since I first did the post in January. However am excited as this new post is available in video form. Think a chit-chat walk through on So here is what I have been eating over the days. I hope you enjoy the Video and also don’t forget to subscribe and share this with your friends and family.

What I Eat in a Day: 2 – Breakfast:

  • Greek Yogurt
  • 1 whole Banana
  • some Nuts
  • Syrup
  • A cup of coffee

Breakfast happens to be my favorite meal in What I Eat in a Day: 2. Its is energizing, and no matter how much I eat I know the food will be used throughout the day. Hence avoiding some un-digested foods that accumulate into fats. On this particular day, I had half a cup of Greek Yogurt which is famous for its Protein Nutrients and some healthy fats. A whole Banana for my healthy fibres and vitamin A. i used some Nuts as a source of my iron and magnesium minerals. Lastly I topped it with a dash of Pancake syrup. The pancake syrup can be replaced with honey for an even healthier breakfast. If you know me then What I Eat in a Day is not complete without a hot cup of coffee. The Recipe and how to make this easy healthy breakfast is on my YouTube channel.

What I Eat in a Day: 2 – Lunch

  • 2 Slices of Toast
  • Guacamole Dip
  • Stir-fry Tuna
  • Lettuce Salad

What I Eat in a Day: 2

One thing you should clearly know about me is that: I love breakfast. I always find ways to have more breakfast in a day. I am forever grateful for whoever invented Brunch. It goes without saying on the next meal was influenced by that particular idea. For Lunch I opted to have 2 slices of Toast as a source for my carbohydrates. I made my easy and heathy Guacamole dip for my healthy fats. Some stir-fry Tuna as a source of my protein with lettuce salad for my healthy curbs. To bring the meal together I had some freshly squeezed Orange Juice for my Vitamin C. The whole preparation and cooking process is up on my YouTube Channel

What I Eat in a Day: 2 – Dinner

  • Steak Salad
  • Lemon Infused Water

What I Eat in a Day: 2

For dinner, if am having any, I always prefer it light. On this particular day, I had steak salad. This meal was rich in proteins and healthy curbs. The ingredients of the salad included: Diced tomatoes, Chopped onions, some green pepper and slices of carrots. I made the salad dressing using 2 tsp Mayonnaise, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp soy sauce and some vinegar. The full recipe is available on my YouTube Channel.

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