What I Eat in a Day

What I Eat in a Day

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to my blog, How are you all doing? Thank God It’s Friday am I right? Another Fitness Friday feature, in which I will be talking about what I eat in a day, a healthy day at that. But before I get into all the details, this has to be one of the most asked question or maybe second asked question. First being how to get a flat tummy. If you still curious about how I do it, to keep this tummy snatched and lean, here is a link to the previous blog on my Bikini & Abs Work-out routine. Hope you find some inspiration and find that helpful.

So I was on the net the other day and I noticed that. The People’s magazine had done a feature on what various celebrities “What I Eat in a Day” and noticed other bloggers taking part and sharing what they eat tag on the internet. I thought hey, I should definitely do one of this fun tags and maybe I could influence someone out there and since the beginning of 2017 I have tried to join on the healthy food wagon, am excited to share with you what I mostly eat in a day.

When am up first thing I used to do is drink a cup of coffee, to get this body up and running before I give it a 20 minutes work-out but since 2017 I have not had a drop of coffee can you believe that? I wake up put on my work-out gear and run my ass to the gym, there I work out for 1 hour minimum, that is my cardio, Abs & Booty routine and for the days am feeling less motivated I drug it to 1 hour 30 minutes.

What I Eat in a Day After Work-Out 

What I Eat in a Day

After a full-blown hour in the gym, I head back home and before I hit the shower. I eat a full banana and a glass of milk, I think this is what has replaced my morning coffee together with the gym of course. This as an after work-out meal tends boost to repair any tissues and increase fiber in take among others. I wasn’t huge on bananas but I gotta say they are growing on me after reading about its many benefits.

What I Eat in a Day for Breakfast

What I Eat in a Day

For Breakfast, lately I have been having cereals. Special K to be exact, warm milk mixed up with strawberries or grapes whatever is available on the day, with Orange Juice.

What I Eat in a Day for Lunch

What I Eat in a Day

Well, I really love breakfast meals, so for lunch lately I have been having 2 or 4 Avocado toasts with scrambled or poached eggs and salad. For the avocado, scoop it out into a bowl, add a table-spoon of vinegar, salt & pepper and squash it together before spreading it on the toasted bread. Other people love spreading butter but I don’t because weight gain Du-uh!!. The scrambled or  poached egg is the same classic I don’t do anything special and layer them over the avocado spread, seasoned with black pepper. I accompany this with detox water (cucumber, lemon, orange slices and Mint leaves mixed up with water). I will be sharing my favorite detox water in the upcoming fitness Friday feature.

What I Eat in a Day for Dinner

What I Eat in a Day

I am not very huge on dinner. As I had learnt that, the food that makes you gain most weight and belly fat so happens to be dinner. Especially one that is eaten and immediately followed by bedtime rest. For some reason digestion takes longer because of zero to no body activities. But hey its a one man’s opinion over here feel free to dismiss my theory anytime. If I ever decide to have dinner it’s mostly fruit parlor or vegetable salad.

There you have it folks, What I Eat in a Day. I try to make sure it’s as close a balance diet as possible. While trying to low the amount of calorie intake in the body. All this goes hand in hand with drinking a minimum of 1.5 Litres of water every other day. I haven’t always had perfect days. I tend to have a snack from time to time, but hardly has that been the case lately.

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    Whole Food From the Ground Up by Jude Blereau looks interesting. Nice bit of information for good health. I need to exercise more.

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    Your blog looks so pretty ! <3

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