Written In The stars, Issue no:2

Hello my beautiful readers,

Well it’s another beautiful day, as a tradition I promise to give you an update on what has been happening on the entire month and before I continue a big apology with cherry on top, I somehow skipped the last month issue and for the love of me I can’t seem to figured out me.

So well I have pretty exciting news more like the highlight of my entire month, well its been my up coming goal since as far as the month of march, I have been aspiring to be a content creator and come this month am proud to say the dream has actually been a reality I have got my YouTube channel up and running and  can’t be any more proud of myself. I launched it like 2 weeks ago and I have 35 subscribers and 65 views and counting, if you haven’t checked it out yet not to worry, click the link below.

my next big announcement is I have made my contract with Google Adsense and am proud to announce that my two formal follow ups were a success and now am able to take advertising on my site pretty cool huh!! and yet I made my very first collaboration with casper mattress and that to was a success… yaaaaaay Kymmiee.

Again am super thankful for all the views and comments and amazing feedbacks I have been getting from you people, they have been mind-blowing and they give me joy knowing that there people out there who see the best in me and wish the best for me, and to be honest the constant feedback from you people helps me grow as a blogger and a person in general.

Hope you have a great holiday and I will talk to you soon about my latest favorite and my July haul. stay safe.





    • August 8, 2016 / 12:12 am

      I feel so honoured really, Thankyou so Much OMG… you are heaven sent ❤

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